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Royalty refuses to confirm King’s critical health condition but asks Nation to pray

Friday, 10th April, 2020

MBABANE:Lusendvo Fakudze, the Governor of Ludzidzini Palace declined to confirm King Mswati’s alleged critical health condition but request the eSwatini Nation to pray as the whereabouts of the absolute Monarch who disappeared from public eye remains a subject of public debate.

This comes after high profile royal sources told this Swaziland News that the King was admitted at Manzana Royal Hospital in a critical condition and struggling to breathe. But the Governor, when asked to confirm and clarify the matter on Thursday evening after senior members of the Umbutfo Eswatini Defense Force (EUDF) were seen maintaining high security at the hospital, he paused for a moment, avoided the direct questions and subsequently ask the Nation to pray.

“I can only encourage all eMaswati to pray and I believe the King where-ever he is, he will also be praying with the Nation, Nako lengingakusho mtfwanami, ube nebusuku lobuhle (meaning that’s all, I can say my son, have a good night)” said the Governor in a low voice.

The Governor said the King will not be part of a Good Friday service expected to be attended by a minimum number of people, but maintained that where-ever he is, he will also be praying.  

Royalty refuses to confirm King’s critical health condition but asks Nation to pray
King Mswati III