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Why did you lie at the United Nations General Assembly Your Majesty?

Saturday, 24th September, 2022

King Mswati uttered an outright lie when addressing the United Nations(UN) General Assembly on Wednesday, he said children,the elderly and or the vulnerable in eSwatini are receiving food and money as part of poverty reduction.

Now, let’s analyze the poverty situation in the country based on reality and facts.

Unlike in South Africa, children are not receiving social grants in this tiny Kingdom.

The money paid to some children by Government through the office of the  Deputy Prime Minister(DPM) is deducted from their fathers’ salaries through garnishee orders, but women normally struggle to receive that money due to royal spending.

The elderly receive a mere R500.00($30.00) per month from Government not food parcels, this money can only buy a 5litre cooking oil,10kg, rice with a few vegetables.

It is very disturbing that King Mswati can use taxpayers money, fly to the US for the UN General Assembly with a huge delegation that will cash million from public funds as traveling allowances, only to speak absolute nonsense.

Eswatini has over seven hundred thousand(700 000) citizens living below the poverty line, maybe, King Mswati or his Spokesperson can assist the Nation with facts as to who was awarded the tender to distribute food to all these people.

It might not be the whole 700 000, if we can be assisted with the list of elderly who receive food parcels from Mswati’s Government.

Culturally, the King is referred to as the “mouth that tells no lies”(Ngumlomo longacali manga) but in light of the aforementioned, I have found myself with no alternative but to refer to King Mswati as an outright liar.

You are liar Your Majesty, you failed to provide food in hospitals,patients are starving to death.

You are a liar Your Majesty, an outright liar!

Why did you lie at the United Nations General Assembly Your Majesty?
King Mswati.