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Prime Minister Ambrose Dlamini playing COVID-19 politics, no lockdown extension.

Wednesday, 15th April, 2020

When Prime Minister Ambrose Dlamini mislead the Nation on the lockdown extension by playing the COVID-19 political game while risking the lives of the people, it became clear that in this country we have a leadership crisis that should be addressed before we witness more citizens swallowed by the graves. 

It is of paramount importance to note that the PM’s statement this afternoon with regards to the partial lockdown extension was not only misleading, but as citizens, we were made to watch a bunch of politicians lead by the Head of Government playing politics to protect the interests of those in power. This decision was only meant to allow businesses to operate so that the Eswatini Revenue Authority (SRA) cannot lose a tax base in the midst of this coronavirus outbreak, money comes first to those in power such that they ignore the plight of the people.

The PM and the entire Cabinet undermined our intelligence by announcing a lockdown extension while opening a space for businesses to resume operation tomorrow thus allowing people to interact and spread the virus. This means those who would be on self-quarantine risk being infected by the employees and employers when they come back from work and the whole country is now at high risk as a result of this ‘low-minded’ political decision. 

At the time when we were digesting the meaning and objective behind the partial lockdown, the Prime Minister violated preventive measures endorsed and supported by the United Nations suggesting that people should stay at home to mitigate the spread of the virus.

 That government lacks a financial muscle to distribute food and further support businesses in midst of a full lockdown does not mean Cabinet should gamble with the lives of the people, the money allegedly stolen from public coffers by the King and the royal family should assist the Nation now.

As the citizens of this country, we shouldn’t be made to understand government’s financial situation when we know very well that the money is available but kept in the King Mswati’s personal accounts, we have been warning against extravagant spending. 

Now, government has opened a conduit that seeks to intensify the spread of the virus by announcing a lockdown extension while allowing businesses to operate. The Prime Minister is actually incubating chaos that might erupt in the next few months, as people continue spreading the virus. It should be noted that a majority of those who will report to work tomorrow were never tested and might be spreading the virus unaware.

But then, let’s wait and see as Cabinet incubates a looming chaos, but how painful it is to watch our country being pushed to the donga a bunch of low-minded politicians who believe they can control coronavirus with a partial lockdown and an extension that exist only in theory.   




Prime Minister Ambrose Dlamini playing COVID-19 politics, no lockdown extension.
PM Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini