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POLITICAL CONFLICT: So State propagandist Alec Lushaba, others have been forced out of their homes?

Sunday, 6th November, 2022

State propagandist Alec Lushaba has been forced out of his home by the political conflict that is quickly manifesting into a civil war.

The political conflict also forced this journalist out of his home country, pro-democracy Members of Parliament(MPs) Bacede Mabuza and Mthandeni Dube were forcefully removed from their homes and thrown behind bars.

Chief Prince Mahloma of ka-Zandondo has been executed, he was not killed by foreigners but by other Swazis who were persecuted by Mswati’s regime that killed dozens of civilians.

Warders, police officers and soldiers who killed civilians are being killed, this political conflict is now manifesting into a civil war.

It’s a pity that State propagandists like Alec Lushaba thought they could promote injustice against other citizens, influence or applaud the arrest of innocent MPs and then live in peace in their homes.

When you promote injustice against other fellow Swazis, you must know that the injustice might manifest into a political conflict and or a civil war and in one way or the other, you will be affected and be a victim.

Now, State propagandist Alec Lushaba has been provided with accommodation somewhere in town,we are not sure if the underground forces will not invade his house that has been provided by State agents or attack his home again if he  could try to renovate it.

What is happening in this country these days is very unfortunate but at least, we tried to warn loyalists of this cruel and oppressive regime that the seed of violence they were planting would affect them once it starts to germinate.

It’s very unfortunate that in the midst of a political conflict or a civil war, women become the first victims, Alec's home was built by his wife Mrs Lushaba who took a bank loan.

But even before she could finish repaying that loan, the State propagandist consistently provoked persecuted Swazis until they concluded that the only option was to make him personally feel the pain of leaving your own home.

In fact Alec Lushaba invited trouble into his home.

One wonders why he thought other Swazis who were forced to leave their homes will allow him to enjoy life and talk ‘nonsense’ while promoting the persecution.

Eswatini belongs to all citizens and all of us have an obligation to promote peace, and harmony.

The problem started when other Swazis perceived themselves as being more Swazi than others just by wearing Simohlwana.

As mentioned, State propagandists must know that eSwatini belongs to all Swazis, anyone who promotes the persecution and killing of fellow citizens cannot live in peace, that’s the nature of a political conflict or a civil war.

The political conflict that is now manifesting into a civil war started in June 2021 when Mswati unleashed his security forces to shoot and kill dozens of civilians, those citizens died for demanding democratic reforms.

But before the shooting and killing, residents of Nyanyali and Methula on the top of Mbulungwane were sleeping in the forests and Mountains in fear of the police, their crime was to demand social, political and economic justice.

In conclusion, it is important to state that now that the political conflict is affecting even King Mswati’s loyalists, perhaps, we will speak in one voice and demand a political dialogue.

POLITICAL CONFLICT: So State propagandist Alec Lushaba, others have been forced out of their homes?
State propagandist Alec Lushaba’s home was burnt.