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King Mswati must surrender powers through Parliament,Government Spokesperson off-side.

Friday, 11th November, 2022

The Monarchy grabbed powers from the people through the 1973 Decree by influencing and or manipulating Parliament,the only institution in Government where the people have direct representation.

It is very disturbing to note that a whole Government Spokesperson does not understand the powers of Parliament.

This is the most powerful institution and without disregarding the doctrine of the separation of powers, the Judiciary and the Executive account to the people through Parliament.

Government Spokesperson Alpheous Nxumalo has proven to be a political novice by suggesting that Members of Parliament(MPs) are usurping King Mswati’s powers.

MPs, as representatives of the people, are within their mandate by facilitating an inclusive political dialogue.

But then, if Alpheous Nxumalo suggests that Mswati is bigger than Parliament, he is confirming that the King is an absolute Monarch and or a dictator.

Nxumalo must know that it was not MP Macford Sibandze who suggested that Parliament must address the political crisis, it was the people speaking through their representative being the Manzini North MP.

Macford Sibandze is one of the few brilliant MPs inside that Parliament, if he can avoid political opportunism and be himself, this country can benefit from his ideas and guidance.

Calling for democracy is not only about protesting in the streets but this includes the establishment of democratic institutions and in this regard,Parliament remains the legitimate institution to address issues affecting the welfare of Swazis.

Not long ago, the very same Government was suggesting that issues of regime change and a political dialogue must be discussed in Parliament.

Now that MPs are exercising their powers as representatives of the people, Government Spokesperson Alpheous Nxumalo claims they are usurping King Mswati’s powers.

It’s true that Mswati is holding those powers as an absolute Monarch but, those powers were ‘stolen’ from the people through the 1973 Decree by manipulating Parliament.

Therefore, being in possession of a stolen property, does not mean you are the rightful owner.

In this regard,we are in the process of repossessing our ‘property’ from the ‘political thief’ and those powers must be surrendered to the people through Parliament.

King Sobhuza was a Constitutional Monarch between 1968-1973, he subsequently grabbed the powers from the people ,elevated himself to be an absolute Monarch and Mswati became a beneficiary of a ‘stolen property’.

In conclusion, it is important that political novices like Alpheous Nxumalo understand that Parliament is a powerful institution that represents the people, anyone who undermines that institution is actually showing a middle finger to the masses. 

In fact, MPs must consider summoning the Government Spokesperson and charge him with contempt of Parliament, we can’t have a mere civil servant undermining the authority and integrity of Parliament.

Parliament,as an institution is far bigger even than the Members of Parliament(MPs), it represents the collective will of the people and therefore, its decisions including laws passed must be respected even by the Honourable MPs.

Then, who is Alpheous Nxumalo to undermine the authority of the Honorable House of Parliament?

As we are about to conclude the process of dethroning or removing King Mswati from power, it’s important to remind or lecture Nxumalo and other political novices about the role and functions of Parliament.

Parliament is,and remains a key political player in the democratic transitional process.

It is in this regard that it’s decisions remain an integral part in the entire democratic discourse.

King Mswati must surrender powers through Parliament,Government Spokesperson off-side.
King Mswati.