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MP Marwick Khumalo writes letter to the editor, takes on Government Spokesperson Alpheous Nxumalo.

Thursday, 17th November, 2022

Dear Editor.

I understand the so-called government Spokesperson is behaving like a recently castrated bull that is now an ox, he is marauding the veld aimlessly.

I am happy we told him where to get off, however, let me assure him that I am in no way ashamed of the issues he is raising in the public space and in his small mind he thinks it’s scandalous. 

Shame, he has no ammunitions.

Firstly, he makes my removal from Speakership, a well known issue as a scandal. 

To this day, I hold my head high because I was unanimously elected in October 2003 and forced to resign in March 2004.

The Secretary General of the Commonwealth H. E. Don McKinnon sent a special envoy to Swaziland then and certain undertakings were given to him. If he did his research on this matter, he would be in the know, unfortunately he is lacking. 

The issue  of my removal has become a rallying point for the mass democratic movement whenever they cite the country’s notoriety. Also, if he did his research correctly, he would know how much that issue shook the royalty internally. If he has the mandate to proceed with the matter, he should, otherwise, if mishandled it can take him back to the streets.

I am not the one bringing it up, he did, otherwise, I was elected not by favour but by merit. Neither was I appointed. 

My election to the speakership features glowingly in my CV. 

Secondly, CPA funds and bail conditions. I would be happy if he can assist the DPP’s office with evidence since he seem to have. Nine years have gone by and Barney who gave instruction to the Law Enforcement agencies is long gone.There is paper trail that originated from his office signed by him addressed to the CPA UK on this matter. It forms part of our defence. 

You are too junior to even have a grasp of the political machinations that existed then. It’s a pity that bhuti Alfie can’t separate politically motivated charges from genuine ones. As a cherry on the cake, during the 10th parliament, years later, I was unanimously re-elected CPA Chairman and the Prime Minister was the same Barney. How do you like that. I served until that Parliament was dissolved. If that was not exoneration in itself, then I don’t know what it was. To sum it up, I am anxiously waiting for my day in court, if it will ever come. Please help bhuti Alfie, since you can pull strings. Again, I hold my head high

Bhuti Alfie has only just given me the opportunity to clarify for the benefit of those who were too young to appreciate these issues, ‘lest they think he has a point. Otherwise, he is not worth a reply because of the inherent intellectual challenges. 

Finally, the Parliament hansard has no record of a Select Committee. Yes it was mentioned at motion motivation stage, but when the matter was summarised, the Speaker was given the responsibility to handle the matter by the House. In hindsight and considering the subject matter, the select committee would have been a total waste of the scarce government resources. He is not worth it. There are cheaper ways and means of handling this matter.

However, I have only one question for him;has he paid back in full the monies he extorted from the poor rural women in the Sihhoye area, promising to provide their children with jobs in the armed forces? I rest my case.

 Oh before I forget, Mr Editor someone sent me the following questions for bhuti Alfie to answer.I hope he will do as I just did.Exactly.

How and why did he leave Observer?What job was he doing before joining Government?.What was People Get Ready?.Why was he chasing the Tibiyo MD in public?

Can he share his CV with the public?

Was this job advertised or he was hand picked?By who?.Had he ever registered for elections?

 MP Marwick Khumalo writes letter to the editor, takes on Government Spokesperson Alpheous Nxumalo.
MP Marwick Khumalo.