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Mswati wants SADC to calm the situation,Incwala spirits don’t function in a chaotic environment.

Friday, 18th November, 2022

It is now clear that Mswati will once again fool the Southern African Development Community(SADC) Troika and the Swazis,by promising a dialogue when he knows very well that all he wants,is to perform his rituals in a peaceful environment.

Mswati does not want to listen to us as citizens of this country.

We have been calling for democracy and the release of incarcerated pro-democracy Members of Parliament(MPs) Bacede Mabuza and Mthandeni Dube but,he responded by unleashing soldiers and the police to shoot protesting civilians.

Now, he is desperate to calm the situation because he knows, next month, his Incwala ‘evil’ spirits will not function in a chaotic environment.

Mswati must demonstrate commitment to participate in a dialogue by releasing the incarcerated MPs, otherwise Swazis must give him a political headache by not allowing him to host his Incwala under a peaceful environment.

Peace must be enjoyed by all citizens even those who want to host political rallies,must be allowed to do so without any disturbance from Mswati’s soldiers and the police.

A protest must be organized during or towards the main Incwala Day.

We can’t allow a selfish, greedy and oppressive King to shout “eye for an eye” while unleashing security officers to shoot and kill civilians and then hypocritically, call for peace just because he wants to perform evil rituals without any disturbance.

Mswati fooled Swazis last year, he told President Cyril Ramaphosa, the then SADC Troika Chairperson that he would participate in a political dialogue after hosting his Incwala.

But surprisingly, when he came out of seclusion, he told his police officers to meet dissidents “an eye for eye” and continue shooting and killing innocent civilians.

Mswati statements that perpetrated violence in this country are well-documented, no Government statement can wash-away this political mess.

Now, if the King wants a space to perform his ‘evil rituals’ in peace, he must release the pro-democracy MPs before his main Incwala Day and then commit himself in writing to participate in a dialogue and hand over power.

Otherwise his political tricks can longer fool the Swazis.

In fact, it is now the Commander of the Solidarity Forces, the pro-democracy leaders and the Swazis who will decide whether they want to allow Mswati to host his Incwala in peace or not.

 Mswati wants SADC to calm the situation,Incwala spirits don’t function in a chaotic environment.
King Mswati.