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SENATE PRESIDENT’S SENTIMENTS: It’s a strategy to influence removal of Governor Phil Mnisi.

Tuesday, 22nd November, 2022

Senate President Lindiwe Gwebu-Dlamini,by accusing the Central Bank of Eswatini(CBE) of failing to investigate alleged transactions that fund terrorism,was actually playing dirty politics with an intention to influence the removal of Governor Phil Mnisi in favour of a candidate from the politically connected Jesus Calls Worship a Centre(JCWC).

The Senate President, when speaking during a workshop for Senators organized by the Ministry of Finance, accused the Central Bank of failing to investigate transactions that fund terrorism in the country.

Lindiwe was actually laying a foundation so that by the time her political syndicate approached the King to badmouth the Central Bank Governor, Mswati’s mind would have been long polluted that Mnisi was failing to prevent what she described as terrorism.

Firstly, the Senate President must understand that terrorism is a serious crime punishable in terms of international law.

The global banking system to which the Central Bank of Eswatini(CBE) is networked, is well capacitated to detect and refer suspicious transactions to law enforcement agencies for possible investigations.

The problem with politics is that even ‘political prostitutes’ like Lindiwe can just wake-up in the morning and speak about issues that require academic understanding and expertise.

Personally, I am aware of millions from foreign countries to eSwatini Non-Governmental Organizations(NGO)that were put on hold by the Central Bank pending investigations regarding the source and purpose of funding.

Now, here is Senate President Lindiwe Dlamini trying to play around with our minds.

As mentioned earlier, this woman is a serious problem in this country that needs to be fixed as a matter of urgency, and the sooner we realize that, the better.

Politically, it’s easy to label a mere arson case as terrorism but globally, you cannot be entertained for labeling political activists who are protesting by burning structures as terrorists.

International human organizations, in their reports, has been advising government to find solutions to the political problem instead of criminalizing a purely political matter.

Burning of structures is a serious crime in a democratic country that respects human rights and embraces peaceful protests.

But, in a dictatorship State like eSwatini where people are not allowed to protest, the citizens can always justify that this is their only way of protesting and seeking attention from the government.

The power to stop what Lindiwe described as terrorism is upon the government that banned protests and subsequently killed dozens of civilians for demanding democracy.

Shifting the blame to professionals at the Central Bank on a  matter that is purely political, demonstrates Lindiwe’s low thinking capacity.

Even though there are international conventions that support collaborations between countries to detect, investigate and fight terrorism, the world is too busy to entertain the burning of tyres on the road on the basis that ‘low minds’ like Lindiwe Dlamini interpret that as terrorism.

We know that the Senate President rose to power through prostitution and or sleeping around with different men, she confessed on numerous occasions,during a church service.

But politics is not as easy as doing a “Woman on Top” or a blowjob with other women’s husbands, you must research and know what you are talking about, particularly on such matters that requires understanding regarding the functioning of the global banking system and combating terrorism.

The Central Bank of Eswatini(CBE) is an institution led by professionals who fully understand their duties and if they violate international laws governing the banking system, there are international institutions that can hold the CBE accountable.

Even though Phil Mnisi was appointed by Mswati, his academic qualifications and experience suggest that he qualifies to be the Governor of the Central Bank.

Senate President Lindiwe Dlamini must,therefore, stop playing dirty politics and allow professionals to do their job, if they detect any suspicious transactions linked to terrorism, they know what to do, it’s their job.

SENATE PRESIDENT’S SENTIMENTS: It’s a strategy to influence removal of Governor Phil Mnisi.
Governor Phil Mnisi and Senate President Lindiwe Dlamini.