• Breaking News – Convicted eSwatini pro-democracy MP Bacede Mabuza maintains call for a democratic government outside the control of dictator King Mswati.
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6 things that Mswati must do neutralize hypocritical hungry pro-Tinkhundla comrades who will join elections.

Monday, 5th December, 2022

King Mswati stands a chance to rule and oppress Swazis for the coming years if hypocritical and hungry pro-Tinkhundla comrades decide to join his undemocratic elections.

1. Firstly, the King must ensure that these particular comrades win the elections and then influence the election of a Speaker and and employment of Clerk to Parliament who will block and frustrate their motions.

2. The King must appoint some comrades as Cabinet Ministers in critical portfolios and then reduce the budget for their Ministries.

By so doing, the people will expect services from the Ministers who are former comrades, and after five (5) years, those comrades will leave politics unpopular, just like Saladin Magagula, former Senator Mbho Shongwe, and former SNAT’s boss Phineous Magagula, who was appointed Education and Training Minister.

3. The King must then create a loan facility and ensure that these hypocritical hungry comrades buy luxurious cars, and they will not have the courage to fight a system that feeds them.

5. After giving them money, the King can facilitate and strengthen relations with some of the comrade MPs through kwendzisa; once some comrades date members of the royal family, they will become power drunk and forget about fighting the system.

6. Lastly, the King can use his majority appointees in Senate, being the upper House, to ensure that motions against his government are neutralized.

After the undemocratic Tinkhundla elections, the King can hire a brilliant Government Spokesperson who will market the Tinkhundla system and protray it as the best in the world.

Government can justify that Tinkhundla is the best because even people who call themselves comrades are free to participate in elections on individual merit and be appointed into Cabinet.

I am just sharing these tips with you, Your Majesty, in case these power-hungry comrades decide to join your oppressive government.

These comrades who want to join elections love you Your Majesty and part of your Tinkhundla system, in fact they wanted only an elected Prime Minister with you on Throne, they love you.

So, if you can treat them well,they can be manipulated to strengthen your dictatorship government, they are yours.

Your Majesty, we have comrades that include the likes of Mario Masuku, Mphandlana Shongwe and others, Masuku died while refusing to accept political appointments from you, he wanted to climb the political ladder through democratic means.

Despite having comrades who protested for years with hungry stomachs, we have others who joined the pro-democracy movement recently and within ‘two weeks’, they want to eat first and then fight your regime claiming they will change it from within.

Don’t arrest them; just make them comfortable, and they will change their tune.

Some of these comrades, Your Majesty, have never seen fifty thousand Rand (R50,000.00) in cash with their naked eyes, and they think they can fight a system that will pay them R50,000.00 per month.

We are getting tired, Your Majesty, of convincing these lunatic comrades that they can’t change the Tinkhundla system from within.

But due to the high poverty rate, we now understand that they are hungry and it’s hard to reason or win a debate with a hungry person particularly where the subject matter involves food.

Some comrades want to fight your regime while benefiting from it. Let them in, Your Majesty, and orient them to politics.

In case they join you, Your Majesty, as a crocodile in your own river, you will have more power to control them; it’s up to you whether you feast on them or allow them to drown politically.

I trust you, Your Majesty; you have swallowed hungry political fools that include the likes of former NNLC President Obed Dlamini by appointing him Prime Minister, DPM Albert Shabangu (ex-SNAT boss), Author Khoza, and others.

Kindly swallow these hungry comrades by appointing them to the highest political office; we will then wait and see if they will fight you thereafter.

On the other hand, we will continue calling for democracy and the participation of political parties in elections, but for now, you can buy time by swallowing these hungry comrades who want to fight while eating from the ‘enemy’.

6 things that Mswati must do neutralize hypocritical hungry pro-Tinkhundla comrades who will join elections.
King Mswati.