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EXPELLED UNESWA STUDENT: Students Union must write an apology letter to University Administrators before appealing.

Sunday, 11th December, 2022

It is very wrong to politicize a matter that is purely administrative, the Swaziland National Union of Students(SNUS) must consider apologizing to the University of Eswatini(UNESWA) on behalf of expelled student Samkelo Ndlangamandla before appealing the judgement.

It is important to state that while we fight for democracy, we must guard against promoting a culture of impunity, that might affect critical institutions in the new democratic dispensation.

University students must adhere to the rules and regulations of their respective institutions.

Protesting is a human right but damage to property is a crime and or serious offence because by extension, it affects other students' right to education who rely on the same resources.

It is therefore important to state that while protests might manifest into serious tension, confrontation and result to the damage to property, those responsible must know that they might face consequences and or be subjected to such disciplinary action.

Damage to property is an offence and if we are serious about mentoring young people to be future leaders, we must teach them to submit to the stipulated rules and regulations of organizations and institutions.

It is therefore important for the Students Union to conduct an investigation to ascertain if the decision by the University was political or purely administrative.

In my view, if the decision was purely administrative and in line with the disciplinary framework of the institution, then the appeal process must not be politicized.

The Executive Commitee of the Students Union must consider writing a letter of apology to the University of eSwatini on behalf of Samkelo Ndlangamandla and prepare strong and convincing mitigation points.

The student has been expelled for damaging the University’s property and therefore, the union must further commit into paying for the damages.

An apology must come with a commitment and or a demonstration of being remorseful.

Samkelo Ndlangamandla can then file an appeal and attach the union’s letter of apology and commitment to pay for the damages.

University students must know that as they fight for democracy or their rights, this must be done responsibly, and with a clear understanding of the future both at personal and national level.

King Mswati hates education and we must discourage those who damage education institutions because this,will affect the future generations. 

As the situation stands, Mswati is refusing to fund education including institutions of higher learning and therefore, as students protest, they must understand that any damage to the University’s property might cost them in terms of resources.

In light of the aforementioned, perhaps one can advise the Students Union to handle this matter professionally, they should appeal and urge their case without politicizing this matter. 

It’s important to state that if we behave in a manner that undermines the right to education, we risk having an uneducated society in the new democratic dispensation.

In as much as we criticize Government, we must regulate our conduct or behavior and refrain from shooting ourselves in the foot.

Critical institutions like that of education must be protected from vandalism.

EXPELLED UNESWA STUDENT: Students Union must write an apology letter to University Administrators before appealing.
University of Eswatini.