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Alleged serial killer Senior Superintendent Clement Sihlongonyane doesn’t fear press statements, but a gun.

Friday, 13th January, 2023

Others thought I was crazy when I adopted a different approach towards and  against police officers who were consistently crossing the border with the sole intention of killing me. 

But perhaps,today I am still breathing because of that approach and I will maintain it as long as my life remains in danger.

My approach is very clear,I will not release press statements condemning any security officer who threatens my life but I will communicate in the language they understand. 

Speaking English to a person who only understands Portuguese is a waste of time,alleged serial killer Clement Sihlongonyane only understands the military language.

That’s why the senior cop spent some months away from the public eye after learning that members of the Solidarity Forces were hot on his heels. 

Now that he feels the State seems to be winning against the underground forces,Sihlongonyane has emerged again and he seems over-confident now.

But let me remind Clement Sihlongonyane that a revolution is like a football match,once you score, it doesn’t mean you have won until the referee proclaims through the final whistle. 

Furthermore,like a football match, a revolution has ‘half time’, a time to relax and re-strategize, some of us will not stop calling for democracy.

In context, killing one or two freedom fighters doesn’t mean the match is over, the match continues even after one of the players has been ‘red-carded’.

But as we call for democracy, we are aware that some of Mswati’s security officers want to become heroes by hunting and killing us, they must know that running away was enough, we have nothing to offer anymore.

Imagine running to exile and then police officers and soldiers cross the boarder to hunt you, where then can you run to, ocean?.

Now, Sihlongonyane is persecuting Public Transport Union Secretary General Sticks Nkambule, releasing a press statement won’t stop this senior cop from killing Sticks.

Anyone who is wanted by Senior Superintendent Clement Sihlongonyane on politically motivated charges must know he or she is wanted by a killer and must be treated as such. 

I have evidence where senior Superintendent Clement Sihlongonyane was telling other police officers during a meeting that he could shoot and kill me on sight.

Sihlongonyane is doing all these things because he knows that political activists only release press statement hoping the international community would intervene, that fool doesn’t even read those statements and he knows nothing about international law.

The solution here is to communicate in a language that he understands and I can assure him, he must only target those political activists who speak French while he understands Portuguese.

When I traced all his passports,I was happy that he opted not to consistently cross the border to hunt some of us,the State is now using other security agents.

Sihlongonyane must know that some of us will not die like fools, we want to die like heroes.

So, if he thinks we are still afraid of being labelled terrorists while defending ourselves from a brutal regime, he must think again.

Personally,I told Clement Sihlongonyane never again to patrol and monitor my home and I am happy he stopped that nonsense. 

Political activists must continue speaking French to Clement Sihlongonyane who understands Portuguese,he will kill all them and never get arrested.This man is not a PhD holder, he only fears a gun not press statement.

 Alleged serial killer Senior Superintendent Clement Sihlongonyane doesn’t fear press statements, but a gun.
Senior Superintendent Clement Sihlongonyane.