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Health Minister Lizzie Nkosi tours, officially launched AIDS Healthcare Foundation funded LaMvelase Clinic.

Saturday, 14th January, 2023

MANZINI: Lizzie Nkosi, the Minister of Health toured the AIDS Healthcare Foundation LaMvelase Clinic, Government online platforms reported on Friday afternoon.

The Health Minister was accompanied by Housing and Urban Development Minister Prince Simelane who represented by his Principal Secretary Clifford Mamba.

Speaking during the official launch,Housing Minister Prince Simelane commended the Municipal Council of Manzini for developing and maintaining a good rapport with the Aids Health Foundation (AHF) which resulted in the construction of the new LaMvelase Clinic in the city. 

“The Ministry supports and encourages municipalities to foster relationships with other stakeholders that would be beneficial to the people living within and outside of their jurisdictions.What excites us as a ministry is that the building does not only change the city’s skyline but also improves its value. Most importantly, we get excited by the services that will be rendered in this building as they all contribute to the upliftment of citizens’ health and well-being,”said the Housing Minister.

On another note,Health Minister Lizzie Nkosi said on the 10th September 2021, she stood at the Mvelase Clinic to declare the construction of what she described as an iconic building.

“No one knew what the future held for us as we stood with a dark cloud hanging over the Nation and the world, but here we are today.I would like to thank Dr Nkululeko Dube (AHF Country Program Director)and the whole Eswatini AHF Eswatini team for the good work and lobbying to bring this development home,”

said the Minister as quoted by eSwatini Government online platforms.

Health Minister Lizzie Nkosi tours, officially launched AIDS Healthcare Foundation funded LaMvelase Clinic.
Minister of Health Lizzie Nkosi, Minister of Housing and Urban Development Rep PS Clifford Mamba, Manzini Regional Administrator, AHF officials and other officials tour the new LaMvelase Clinic in Manzini.