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So King Mswati calls R15 million public funds imbasha for emabutfo?

Saturday, 21st January, 2023

It has become a norm in this country to reduce looting into ‘funny’ siSwati phrases so that the people cannot notice what is happening in the corridors of power.

Here are ‘funny’ siSwati phrases that resulted to poverty and the  oppression of over seven hundred thousands(700 000) citizens;

The R15million grants for emabutfo is known as imbasha, in siSwati “imbasha” refers to a few seeds of roasted maize.

The King’s private jet worth over R200million is known as “libhayisikili leNkhosi”,(King’s bicycle),this phrase is used to blind Swazis so that they cannot even question the costs involved. 

Bribes are known as “tetfulo”, again this siSwati word is used to cover-up corruption by those who seek favours from the King.

Political appointments by the King are referred to as “kubulalwa”, this is meant to blind Swazis to sympathize with a person who has been awarded a well-paying position as if a difficult task has been bestowed upon him.

The over R100 million paid to Mswati during international trips is branded “umphako or emaswidi eNgwenyama”, again,reducing such a huge amount of money with ‘funny’ siSwati words is meant to blind Swazis while their resources are being looted.

The late Prince Sihlangsemphi, when announcing the appointment of the then Acting Army Commander Mashikilisane Fakudze said “Ingwenyama seyibeke naku umfana wayo lotawutsanyela”.

Mashikilisane is now enjoying escorts and over fifty thousands Rands(R50,000.00) salary for \'kutsanyela\'.

On Saturday, emabutfo received our taxes worth R15million, our money was reduced and branded as ‘Imbasha’ so that we cannot raise a voice.

So King Mswati calls R15 million public funds imbasha for emabutfo?