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Foreign Affairs Minister Thulie Dladla busy spending public funds with young boys while the country burns.

Thursday, 26th January, 2023

While at the United Nations(UN) General Assembly,Foreign Affairs Minister Thulie Dladla was busy sending WhatsApp messages to a young soldier who works as a royal guard within the Close Protection Unit(CPU).

It’s very concerning to see Thulie Dladla misleading the Nation about a political dialogue while labeling freedom fighters as terrorists.

Dladla is enjoying life in her last decades,she gets travelling allowances for traveling with Mswati and have a nice time with young boys,that’s all she knows.

It is very disturbing to see the Foreign Affairs Minister travelling to the United Nations(UN)with taxpayers money, only to sit there and focus on sexual issues with young boys while we pay the costs.

I will not delve much on these private matters,but Minister Dladla must refrain from pressing the wrong political button.

The Foreign Affairs Minister must know that my electronic evidence suggests that a week ago,a woman with an  eight(8)month old baby was bitten by a snake, she arrived at Pigg’s Peak Hospital only to find that there was no medication. 

She was then transferred to Luke Commission and was certified dead upon arrival. 

In my view, spending public funds,having sex with young boys in Hotels, just like Minister Thulie Dladla, while citizens are dying in hospitals as a result of the non-availability of drugs is worse than terrorism.

It is very sad to see an old woman like Minister Dladla who,after climaxing during sex with the young soldiers, then proceed to speak ‘nonsense’, calling freedom fighters “terrorists”.

The taxpayers money used to book Hotels,buy goodies for the young soldiers for a round of sex could save the citizens in hospitals who are dying since the health crisis erupted.

Minister Thulie Dladla must call a press conference and deny that she is spending traveling allowances on sleeping with young boys while citizens die in hospitals,I am always ready to produce evidence.

Foreign Affairs Minister Thulie Dladla busy spending public funds with young boys while the country burns.
Foreign Affairs Minister Thulie Dladla.