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TUCOSWA’S POLITICAL CONSCIENCE:Media criticizes,gives attention to relevant and influential leaders.

Saturday, 18th February, 2023

As a leader,when the media criticizes or gives you attention,then you must know you have some power of influence.

Once journalists start ignoring you as a political leader or trade unionist, this might mean,you are no longer adding any value or credibility to their stories and that you are beginning to become useless and or a political liability.

As journalists,sometimes we balance our stories by interviewing political leaders or trade unionists who literally know nothing about politics and this,I would suggest, undermines the quality of our stories in terms of international standards.

But we do that for fairness and or political diversity.

Perhaps, let me thank the leadership of the Trade Union Congress of Swaziland(TUCOSWA),about two days ago, I published an article blasting them for their alleged failure to perform their duties as a federation.

But instead of unleashing their members to insult the independent press or the editor on social media, the TUCOSWA leaders welcomed the criticism positively.

I am told that the TUCOSWA leadership has started resolving some of the issues raised in that article and this is commendable.

As the independent media,we criticize or give attention to TUCOSWA because we strongly believe that this is a federation with a huge potential to do better and improve the lives of workers and members of the public in general.

The media is an institution whose basic function and responsibility is to demand accountability among others,other political leaders have fallen from grace by failing to understand and embrace the role of the media.

The fundamental purpose of criticism is to enable that particular individual to identify mistakes and do better.

But the opinion of the media or editors cannot be supreme,we are not experts in everything.

It is the way you address the media even when you feel it is wrong or the criticism is unjust that demonstrates your maturity as a leader.

But above all,it is the political conscience,integrity that drives any leader’s desire to welcome criticism and be corrected.

TUCOSWA’S POLITICAL CONSCIENCE:Media criticizes,gives attention to relevant and influential leaders.
TUCOSWA during a march.