• Breaking News – Former Matsanjeni South MP Bomber Mamba’s home burnt by unknown people.
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Stop targeting MPs with arrests ahead of elections,using State media to falsely brand them as ritual murderers.

Saturday, 18th February, 2023

Every five(5)years,human body parts are harvested in this country allegedly, by King Mswati and in the process,aspiring Members of Parliament(MPs) are always branded as alleged ritual murderers by the State controlled media.

About two years ago,I interviewed a soldier who was allegedly part of the royal ritual team that goes around the country murdering people on behalf of Mswati. 

The soldier narrated the story in a recorded interview.

Even today, the soldier works directly with royalty and we agreed that I will release the recording once(he/she) resigned from the army or died for security reasons.

Now, let me warn the State controlled media not to systematically brand aspiring Members of Parliament(MPs)as ritual murderers to protect King Mswati.

The interview with the soldier is very clear and I know some of the places where the bodies were dumped

This include the ritual men at Ludzidzini who mix human body parts for the King to strengthen his power.

For the past twenty years, no Member of Parliament(MP) has been arrested,charged and convicted for ritual murder,instead the media is busy branding innocent people to protect.

With this article,I am not suggesting that the State or the police must start killing people,harvest body parts and then dump their bodies at MPs’ homes just to frame them on murder charges and prove a point that what has been reported previously was true.

Maybe,some aspiring MPs believe in ritual murder but if that’s the case, we could have long witnessed arrests in connection with those ritual murders.

Now, the State is systematically arresting and convicting MPs ahead of elections.

This might be abuse of State power to give way for Mswati’s candidates who will stand for elections within the various Constituencies.

I am not suggesting that MP Allen Steward and Bomber Mamba are innocent but, if the State managed to arrest those who killed dozens of civilians during the arrest, the credibility of the Judiciary wouldn’t be questionable.

Stop targeting MPs with arrests ahead of elections,using State media to falsely brand them as ritual murderers.
House of Parliament.