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Govt disregarded IMF warning on looming socio-economic crisis

Friday, 4th October, 2019

Over ten years ago, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has been sending a team to Swaziland to help her put her house in order so as to avert certain disasters like huge budget deficit resulting in inability to manage public debt. One message the team has been giving to the country’s authorities has been the overloaded civil service. It is not surprising that nothing has been done up to now. There is no one who makes decisions in this country, this is facilitated by the high number of idiots in the echelon. By their nature, idiots cannot reason because they like playing the blame game.

They may have been given positions but they are not aware of the responsibilities that come with these positions because they woke up one day and found their ways to the seats of power. Idiots are controlled by remote and the best way to reason with them is not to engage them at all. How do you explain why government continues to hire civil servants when it has more than enough? When they are told that there is a high rate of unemployment in the country, they quickly deduce that the best way out of the mess is to turn government into a biggest employer. That is why we have many soldiers, police officers, warders and civil servants who are familiar with the ATM compared to assigned duties. They have no idea what role can be played by the private sector in tackling the social ills this country is faced with. In our small country it is the blind leading the blind and I am sure they do not have a picture of the Swaziland we would like to live in except their vision which is motivated by greed and dishonesty. Swaziland cannot be in a league of her own because that makes us think we are the best in everything we do. Competition brings many changes and catapults a person’s innovation skills to another level.

Government believes keeping a large number of civil servants is the only way to tackle the unemployment crisis. That the country opted to ignore the recommendations of the IMF resulting to the current socio-economic crisis suggests that we lack leadership in this country. It is an undisputable fact that government cannot sustain the current wage bill that comes with the huge number of civil servants. As a result, the leadership of this country should have long taken a decision, either to retrench or outsource some of the services including the human resource to the private sector. However, because we have a Cabinet and Parliament that lack the capacity to decide in the interest of this country, we are now faced with socio-economic challenges. In leadership, it is very important to take strongly decisions even when it attracts criticism, as long as it’s in the best interest of the country.

Cabinet has been pouring gasoline onto this fire for sometime by casting a blind eye on corruption practices that have drained a lot of resources that could have been utilized to improve conditions of service for civil servants. For how many years have civil servants gone to work to do absolutely nothing because of lack of tools and resources? Why didn’t government cut down on the size of the civil servants so that those that were to be retained could be better paid than they are currently remunerated now? What is the position of the Swazi children’s parents in all of this strike action? These (parents) are part of the silent majority. They would rather say nothing in defence of the future of their children than to say anything at all.

Govt disregarded IMF warning on looming socio-economic crisis