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So Swazi Observer editor Mbongeni Mbingo is justifying,doing damage control on R12million corrupt elections tender?

Sunday, 19th March, 2023

Gciniwe Fakudze,the then Matsapha Chief Executive Officer(CEO)who was looting ratepayers' money was promoted by the media,particularly editor Mbongeni Mbingo who portrayed her as the most beautiful woman without mentioning that Fakudze was actually part of Clifford Mamba’s corrupt syndicate that looted public resources.

Mbingo did not end there,she was also promoting Inkhosikati LaMbikiza portraying her as the most stylish woman,all women allegedly linked to Mbingo used to get huge mileage in the media,without mentioning that the stylish lifestyle was funded with taxpayers' money.

The truth is;corruption has deprived many women job and business opportunities,those who were privileged to use other ‘means’ to climb the ladder and have benefited from the looting of public funds like Gciniwe and LaMbikiza can afford to buy stylish clothes and look more beautiful.

Now,at the time when Parliament,the  Times of Eswatini and the Swaziland News are exposing the R12million Local Government Elections tender awarded to Slomoes Corporation,Mbingo is trying to justify the corrupt tender.

Mbingo who long lost relevance after being captured by capitalists,thinks he can justify the theft of R12million at the time when University students are struggling with scholarships while Government is also failing to pay suppliers.

Principal Secretary(PS)Clifford Mamba is linked to Gciniwe Fakudze,an ally to the Swazi Observer editor.

The PS is under pressure these days after facilitating a corrupt tender hence the headline from the Swazi Observer trying to do damage control for the corrupt syndicate.

Corrupt dealings are facilitated through syndicates that include corrupt journalists.

Unfortunately,with the dynamics of the Fouth Industrial Revolution that enhance the free flow of information,Mbingo who has been misleading the public all these years can no longer do so.

It is clear that if one can analyze the corrupt network between Clifford-Gciniwe-Mbongeni Mbingo,the puzzle becomes complete. 

The Royal Science and Technology Park is a huge institution that offered to provide a local Government elections system for  R 800,000.00,only for the Swazi Observer editor to justify a corrupt tender.

Parliament must appoint a Select Committee to investigate this corrupt tender,these are taxpayers’ monies.

But what is happening now,we are seeing playboys like Bingo,Clifford and their stylish ally Gciniwe Fakudze trying to justify the stealing of public funds.

Bingo must know that he is no longer an influential editor and part of what contributed to his downfall is such conduct of justifying corruption.

So Swazi Observer editor Mbongeni Mbingo is justifying,doing damage control on R12million corrupt elections tender?