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Mswati seeking to extend stay on the Throne by pushing for his Tinkhundla undemocratic elections but,poverty will force Swazis to revolt.

Wednesday, 29th March, 2023

King Mswati is pushing for the Tinkhundla undemocratic elections to extend his indefinite ‘contract’ on the Throne because that is the only process that enables him to mislead the world that eSwatini is democratic.

With the Tinkhundla undemocratic elections,the King is then able to mislead the world and claim that he is not an absolute but a Constitutional Monarch like the Governing structure of the United Kingdom(UK).

It is in this regard that some politically inclined activists decided to stay away from these undemocratic elections as the process seeks to legitimize and sanitize Mswati’s dictatorship so that it could be portrayed as democratic.

But the political oppression that resulted to high levels of poverty will enlighten the people that the very same Parliament will approve laws allowing companies to under-pay workers as per an instruction from Mswati.

It is poverty and or a rise in food prices that normally spark a revolution and the Parliament being established by Mswati with his undemocratic elections might not finish its term without witnessing a deadly political unrest again.

Therefore,Mswati might use political tricks to extend his ‘contract’ on the Throne but as the ever escalating cost of living almost ‘grabs' everything from the pockets of the people,the people will definitely revolt.

The people now are fully aware that Mswati is responsible for their suffering,it’s a matter of waiting for them to realize that voting under the Tinkhundla elections will not solve their problems.

Thereafter,those who misled them will lose popularity and relevance,soon thereafter,the struggle will regain it’s strength and be dominated by true freedom fighters.

It is important therefore for those who believe in boycotting elections to allow those who believe they can fight King Mswati from within to do so.

Once these people fail to meet the expectations of the people and be swallowed by the regime,the people will then understand what we have been warning them about.

Deputy Prime Minister(DPM)Senator Themba Masuku,former DPM, the late Albert Shabangu, the late former Prime Minister Obed Dlamini,Lubombo Regional Administrator(RA)Themba Msibi, the late former DPM Arthur Khoza and others were once comrades,critical of the current regime. 

It is therefore my view that Mswati will be removed by the people amid the rising levels of poverty,after all,it is poverty that sparked revolutions in many countries, resulting to the fall of dictators not political strategists.

Mswati seeking to extend stay on the Throne by pushing for his Tinkhundla undemocratic elections but,poverty will force Swazis to revolt.
King Mswati.