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NO SHORT CUT TO DEMOCRACY:Why Jesus Christ went straight to Hades after being crucified before rising from the dead?.

Sunday, 9th April, 2023

After being crucified on Good Friday, the Pharisees who killed Jesus thought he was dead yet he was hard at work,he went straight to Hades to fulfil two important spiritual assignments.

The first one was to preach to those who died in the era of the Old Testament before his crucification,those who believed in him were saved immediately and transferred to Paradise.

Hades is not Hell but a place of suffering and or separation from God where sinners are kept,awaiting the final judgement,it’s a spiritual prison.

The second assignment was to fight Satan and grab the keys for Death and Hell, thereafter the process of defeating Satan entirely,was fulfilled.

Jesus Christ knew that he had to suffer and die so that his blood could save the world.

The ‘dramatic’ events that unfolded in the spiritual world between Good Friday and Sunday where Jesus had to die so that he could  ‘travel’ straight to Hades to fulfil his mission suggest that nothing comes easy even in the spiritual world.

Before being crucified,Jesus was known as the “Prince of Peace” but after completing the huge and most painful task of saving the world from sin,God promoted him and now he is sitting on the Throne as the “King of Kings”.

In the pro-democracy movement,we have people like Mzwakhe Myeni who were influenced by a political unrest wave and concluded that being a comrade was a short-cut to climb the political ladder to power,make money and be rich.

People like Myeni normally quote the Bible where it aligns with their interests, it’s not easy to understand the scripture if you read it with an intention to quote verses that will entertain and legitimize your hypocrisy.

As mentioned above,the process of liberating people and attaining freedom cannot be divorced from pain and suffering,Jesus,the spiritual liberator went through pain and was killed after being convicted for high treason.

But before being killed,Jesus used to hold ‘rallies’ where he was preaching about salvation,in the process,security officers were hunting him and preparing politically motivated charges.

Subsequently,he was subjected to the most painful torture before being crucified but because he understood the process of saving the world from sin,he persevered until the end.

It is therefore surprising to see or hear political hypocrites like Mzwakhe Myeni quoting the Bible to justify their decision of selling the struggle of the people of eSwatini.

Almost all political activists in this country experienced torture by security forces and some like human rights lawyer Thulani Rudolf Maseko were killed, but that doesn’t mean the calls for democracy will stop just because the road to democracy goes through the graveyard.

Jesus had to die to save the world from sin,who are we to expect the delivery of democracy on a silver plate?.

NO SHORT CUT TO DEMOCRACY:Why Jesus Christ went straight to Hades after being crucified before rising from the dead?.
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