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Mswati’s ‘anti-dialogue campaign’ will not succeed,pro-democracy activists must continue maintaining peace while demanding a political dialogue.

Tuesday, 11th April, 2023

The ‘anti-dialogue campaign’ allegedly launched by King Mswati during his Good Friday Services will not succeed but instead,it will validate our previous reports and sentiments suggesting that it is actually the King who is refusing to participate in a political dialogue while unleashing his soldiers and the police to kill civilians.

As a result, pro-democracy activists must refrain from ‘attacking’ or threatening those who were given free ‘t-shirts’ and money to push this campaign that failed before it even started.

Perhaps, it is important to remind the King‘s agents who are abusing the hungry and ignorant Swazis by giving them few pieces of silver and ‘anti-dialogue t-shirts’,that a dialogue is, and must be between individuals who want to resolve their differences.

Mswati’s regime has been claiming that the people who are demanding democracy are a minority without hosting any referendum,that is a false and misleading narrative,Swazis who want democracy are a majority.

But even if it’s one person causing instability in the country for political reasons,the Government is obligated to dialogue with that person.

Any person who is publicly opposing a political dialogue to restore peace and stability when we have lost dozens of civilians during the political unrest is actually declaring war against the oppressed citizens.

We are therefore,eagerly waiting to see how the police will handle this matter involving those who publicly opposed a dialogue.

This campaign is actually exposing the King in the eyes of the international community,who has been falsely claiming that he can’t hold a political dialogue due to a hostile political environment.

But at first,Mswati asked to host his Incwala ceremony before participating in a dialogue, which was allowed by the Southern African Development Community(SADC)and the Swazis demanding democratic reforms.

But soon thereafter,the King reneged,claiming the political environment was not conducive.

Now that the political environment is peaceful and stable,Mswati is at it again,systematically pushing an ‘anti-dialogue’ agenda, but this time, he is preparing a political rope to hang himself with.

It should be noted that the t-shirts were distributed at an event hosted by the King,and the fact that police and soldiers allowed those politically ignorant lunatics to take videos justifying why they don’t want a political dialogue is proof enough that the King is behind it.

In this regard,this demonstrates clearly that this was Mswati’s ‘anti-dialogue’ political rally that seeks to justify his previous actions to refuse to participate in a political dialogue.

But now,he wants to twist the narrative as if it is the Swazis who are against the calls for democracy and or political dialogue.

Police and soldiers cannot allow political activists to stage a protest or picket at an event hosted by the King.

We therefore demand to know why these politically ignorant lunatics were allowed to freely express themselves in front of Mswati on political issues during a religious event, in a country where political activists are killed merely for peacefully protesting, in demand for democracy.

The truth is, these hungry and politically ignorant lunatics were legitimizing one of the most stupid royal agendas that seeks to thwart efforts to host a political dialogue.

But political activists must continue to maintain peace and avoid violence so that the delay in hosting a political dialogue can be attributed to King Mswati.

Thereafter, when the political unrest erupts again,indeed it will,King Mswati would have entirely lost the trust of the international community and he will have no justification why he delayed and refused to participate in a political dialogue.

Mswati’s ‘anti-dialogue campaign’ will not succeed,pro-democracy activists must continue maintaining peace while demanding a political dialogue.
Mswati’s supporters wearing anti-dialogue t-shirts.