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Tibiyo TakaNgwane must fund Swazi Observer, employees struggling to receive their salaries.

Monday, 24th April, 2023

The Swazi Observer despite being a State propaganda machinery,was a stepping for many journalists including myself hence we cannot celebrate and watch,with clear indications that it is on the verge of collapse.

But despite that,media pluralism promotes competitiveness in the industry and enable advertisers to compare prices, what is happening now within the Swazi Observer is very unfortunate.

As the situation stands, employees within the Observer are not paid their salaries on time and it is clear that the newspaper is struggling with sales and serious advertisers.

It should be noted that there was a time when the Times was the only newspaper in circulation, people were struggling to access alternative news and advertisers had no alternative.

Media pluralism and diversity promotes democracy, critical debates and access to alternative news,this can only be achieved in a country with various and competing media organizations.

Therefore, the crisis within the Swazi Observer must be addressed urgently in the interest of saving jobs and promoting media pluralism and diversity.

We always disagree with State journalists on issues of national interest but, that doesn’t mean we can celebrate and watch while another media house is on the verge of shutting down.

Tibiyo TakaNgwane must fund the Swazi Observer as a subsidiary company so that the publication can continue with the mandate of being State propaganda machinery, we need the government voice so that we can compare the truth and State propaganda.

Alternatively,Tibiyo or Mswati must reduce the censorship and allow the newspaper to publish serious stories that he can attract advertisers, increase sales and generate revenue.

Tibiyo TakaNgwane must fund Swazi Observer, employees struggling to receive their salaries.
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