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Health Minister Lizzie Nkosi reveals list of places where COVID-19 was detected

Friday, 22nd May, 2020

MBABANE:  Minister of Health Lizzie Nkosi hasrevealed the list of places where COVID-19 was detected in eSwatini.

“We have found it important to detail to the nation where exactly we are finding these cases across our regionsIn the Manzini region, most cases are from the Manzini City and surrounding areas including KaShali, Ngwane Park & Fairview. We have also found cases in Matsapha, particularly the Industrial Site as well as Eteni, Kwaluseni & Ludzeludze” she said.

The Minister said in the Lubombo Region, most cases where from Siteki adding these are helath workers. 

In the Lubombo region, most cases have been from Siteki & these are mostly health workers. Other cases in this region are from Siphofaneni. In the Shiselweni region, all our cases are from Nhlangano. In the Hhohho region, most cases have come from Mbabane, Mvutjini, Pigg’s Peak & Buhleni. We also note an increase in the number of people aged over 70 years getting infected & we urge family members to protect them by practicing proper hand & cough hygiene. Similarly, we are seeing a rise in the number of young children getting infected & we also urge family members to take extra precaution when dealing with them by practicing the same hygiene protocols”she said.

Health Minister Lizzie Nkosi reveals list of places where COVID-19 was detected
Minister For Health Lizzie Nkosi