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Road to democracy: We need a levelled political ground

Saturday, 16th November, 2019

When people are about to embark on a journey with great expectations for their lives, it is very important to have them organize themselves and define the roles they are to play through the various processes as they take charge of their destiny. I have made it clear that as a people we need to change the present political system for reasons highlighted in the previous two articles. As we organize ourselves for a referendum it is important to recognize the following order that currently exists in this country being: 1), King MSwati 111 is the Head of State for this country 2), All Executive, Judiciary and Legislative powers are vested in the King 3)All organs of State (inclusive of the 3 arms of government) are subject to King’s discretion in terms of operation 4), There is the rule of the King in this country as opposed to rule of Law 5), proceeds from mining of minerals are for the King’s use and his partners.

The following presumptions are incorrectly made by the King and His government: a) The King is the mouth piece of all Swazi citizens in this country     b)The King, being the Ingwenyama, holds Swazi Nation Land and certain assets and companies in trust of the Swazi Nationc)The current political system affords the Swazi people a big role to play in the formation of a government of their choice through an election process d)The majority of the Swazi people is represented by the King and His government and anybody else is represented by unknown noise makers who call themselves with different names unknown to Swazis (other than trade unions and civil society groups.

It is worth noting that these factors above have to be changed through a negotiated process. This calls for a legislative process that will level the playing field in order to allow the people of Swaziland to organise themselves into groupings of their own choice so that their representatives can engage with those who hold different views on the matters raised above. The current constitution of the country is not a favourable document to be relied upon as it gives the King and His government an unfair advantage over those Swazis who are very much aggrieved by the current political process. I am of the view that it would be great stupidity on those calling for a referendum to allow this march to go via the national byre as experience has taught me that there are a lot of cheats and crooks in that environment and nothing good has ever come out of those gatherings. Dignity and respect is earned but the King and His government has done a lot to erode any respect and dignity we had on Him. We (Swazi people) must go through a legislated transitional period with international bench-marks wherein all Swazis enjoy equal basic human rights and are equal before the law. It would be suicidal to trust the King and His government and make Him and His government in charge of the proceedings leading up to the referendum. We need new faces manning the vault to avoid emptying of state coffers influencing voters by splashing of cash to impoverished Swazis. The time to re-define the role of the King in the lives of the Swazi people has come and the best way to do it is through the ballot box. I strongly believe he has to be stripped off his powers to legislate and appropriate resources (money and people). Let us try and avoid a organised chaos in the build up towards a referendum as there are too many crooks who would take advantage of unsuspecting Swazis who need guidance on decision making time like this one.

Road to democracy: We need a levelled political ground
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