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FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT AT STAKE:Deploy the police at Ezulwini Town to fight crime not in Universities.

Wednesday, 17th May, 2023

When asked to comment regarding the surge in criminal activities within the Ezulwini Town, human rights lawyer Sibusiso Nhlabatsi noted that the police have neglected their fundamental duties to fight crime, they are focusing on political activists.

Now, the latest developments where the Registrar of the University of eSwatini(UNESWA) Salebona Simelane announced the deployment of the police within the campuses, suggest that indeed the police are no-longer fighting crime but the whole law enforcement institution has been politicized.

Instead of deploying the police at the Universities, National Commissioner William Dlamini must consider establishing a well-resourced Police Post next to the residences of the influential businesspeople within eZulwini Town.

It is the duty of the police to fight crime, maintain law and order not to involve themselves on politics while citizens and investors who are funding the government with taxes are terrorized by criminals on a daily basis.

Criminal investigators within the police service have been complaining about uniform allowances, this grievance was overlooked and soon thereafter, the department in the various police stations faced serious shortage of vehicles.

Now, Ezulwini Town is facing challenges of armed robberies while State police are chasing political activists and journalists who are critical of the regime.

Like nurses,who went as far as taking the government to court demanding working equipment,police officers must put pressure on their employer to provide working tools.

The mere fact that the lives of owners of giant companies are under threat suggests that Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) is under threat and the whole economy might be affected by crime.

The problem with the police is that their minds were programmed into thinking that Mswati pays their salaries yet,the pillar of the economy is both Domestic and Foreign Direct Investments(FDI).

Furthermore,the citizens are funding the government through taxes and of course,crime is one the factors hindering economic growth and or development.

FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT AT STAKE:Deploy the police at Ezulwini Town to fight crime not in Universities.
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