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KING’S INTERPRETER’S VERBAL DIARRHOEA:The similarities between Sihle and Satan on power,fame and why he is dangerous to Mswati.

Monday, 29th May, 2023

It should be noted that there are many similarities between the conduct of King’s Interpreter Sihle Dlamini and Lucifer, the once powerful, famous, and trusted Angel of God.

It was power and fame that resulted in Lucifer being thrown out of heaven into darkness and renamed Satan.

God enjoys praise and worship, and initially, Lucifer was the angel of praise in Heaven.

When Lucifer sings, a legion of angels will follow and admire her and as a result, she was filled with pride and plotted a coup against God.

But it transpired that God planted a ‘device’ and/or ‘heart’ inside all humans and angels, and even though Lucifer was a good praise singer, God was able to see what she was plotting against him.

Sihle Dlamini is a good interpreter of the King; like Lucifer, he is more talented, and Mswati might struggle to identify a perfect replacement who will interpret far better than Sihle.

But Sihle,like Lucifer, is beginning to behave like a King; he once boosted that soon,he will be richer,more powerful and will construct schools and bridges within fifteen years (15); those sentiments are in a video sourced from his influential, powerful and politically connected JC religious cabal.

This is exactly what led to the fall of Lucifer; she felt she was more powerful, such that when she sang, the heavens would shake, indeed,she was a good singer.

Sihle is linked to highly connected political figures that include Senate President Lindiwe Dlamini, the wife of the then Intelligence boss in the army, former Minister Jabulile Mashwama, Home Affairs Minister Princess Lindiwe and her husband Robert Kasaro.

Lately, the King’s Interpreter is becoming closer to Channel S Director Qhawe Mamba and enjoy access to speak anyhow without hard questions from the host.

While watching Sihle’s People and Places video this week,I was analysing him word-by-word. I am not talented at interpreting, but at least I have a few talents that God has blessed me with.

One of the talents is to analyse a speech and try to read the mind of that particular person,just to fully understand the intentions behind the word of mouth.

As a result, I was able to pick-up a brief clip from Mswati’s threatening speech before the killing of human rights lawyer Thulani Rudolf Maseko and alert the international community that something was about to happen.

As a result, that video clip is now being quoted by various international media entities.

Now that Sihle is aligning himself with the media, this week he praised the military on People and Places. 

These two institutions are critical when one aspires to capture and control a country.

Remember, Sihle is linked to Jabulile Mashwama, whose daughter Siphelele is being groomed to become a Queen, with Inkhosikati Siphelele Mashwama’s son Prince Mkhandlo becoming the King upon Mswati’s death.

Sihle and his syndicate is secretly funding former Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) President Ncamiso Ngcamphalala to create various fake online platforms, spread propaganda, and spy on progressives. 

For now, he may pretend to be protecting King Mswati, but his ultimate goal is bigger than that, Sihle is neither a Government or King’s Spokesperson,his interest in controlling the flow of information is highly questionable.

The King’s Interpreter feels he is too powerful now, he always defends soldiers and the police, and some of us who are deep in politics, understand a person who positions himself as a favourite of the media and the security forces.

Sihle might appear to be a person suffering from verbal diarrhoea for now, but who knows, he might emerge like Prince Mfanasibili and influence the appointment of a King upon Mswati’s death.

The truth is, he is closer to the King, and who will dispute his version? He can appear on TV and say "The King told me this and that before he died".

In conclusion, it is important to note that Sihle is now at the top and rich; he can’t aspire to have money, fame, or influence; he has achieved that. 

The King’s Interpreter can now only dream of constructing schools and bridges to be officially opened by the King, as per his sentiments in the JC video.

Like Lucifer, Sihle might fall should the King identify another talented interpreter, Lucifer was expelled from Heaven but the praise and worship continued.

Dlamini predicted that fifteen(15)years from now, who knows, maybe that King would be Prince Mkhandlo.

But what Sihle needs to understand is that eSwatini will be democratized.

KING’S INTERPRETER’S VERBAL DIARRHOEA:The similarities between Sihle and Satan on power,fame and why he is dangerous to Mswati.
King’s Interpreter Sihle Dlamini.