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PRO-DEMOCRACY MPS GUILTY VERDICT:Judge Mummcy Dlamini is a judicial ‘prostitute’.

Monday, 5th June, 2023

Judge Mummcy Dlamini’s conduct and/or the manner in which she handled the politically motivated criminal case involving incarcerated Members of Parliament(MPs) Mduduzi Bacede Bacede Mabuza and Mthandeni Dube,suggest that the Judge is,a judicial ‘prostitute’.

A judicial ‘prostitute’ in the context of this article refers to a hypocritical Judge,who pretends to be loyal and/or submissive to the principles of the rule of law,while ‘cheating’ or betraying her oath of office by taking orders from the King.

Perhaps, it is of paramount importance to state that as a Judge, you cannot simultaneously be ‘in-love’ and subject yourself to the principles of the rule of law, while your loyalty lies with Mswati, the cruel dictator who is oppressing emaSwati.

As result,such conduct demonstrated by Judge Mummcy Dlamini does not only undermine her integrity as a Judge, but it’s hypocrisy and/or judicial ‘prostitution’.

I am not sure whether the Judge in her personal or private life is/or behaves like a ‘prostitute’, but seemingly, she knows how to pretend to be loyal to the rule of law while serving a different agenda of oppression.

As a Judge, Mummcy Dlamini has found herself ‘dating’ and having to balance the interests of two institutions being the Judiciary and the Monarchy whose legitimacy in holding State power in terms of democratic principles is,and remains highly questionable.

But,the Judiciary is an institution that requires professional conduct,while the Monarchy expects the Judge who is married to Prince Majahenkhaba, to take orders and be submissive as a wife of the ruling Dlamini clan.

In criminal law, the onus is always upon the Crown to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the suspects committed a crime, and whether the gravity of the offense and/or evidence justifies a guilty verdict.

The Crown presented videos where the MPs where speaking politics in their capacity as representatives of the people, calling for an elected Prime Minister with Executive powers.

But the judicial ‘prostitute’ obviously, clouded by emotions of seeing these MPs challenging the powers of the Monarchy, found them guilty on terrorism and sedition charges.

No sane Judge can convict MPs and conclude that they are terrorists merely for,calling or demanding an elected Prime Minister.

Even before the presentation of evidence, the mere fact these are MPs ought to have made the Judge to understand that the criminal case was politically motivated.

But what can we expect from a judicial prostitute who pretends to be loyal to the rule of law, while serving King Mswati’s agenda of injustice to oppress the masses. 

The guilty verdict against the incarcerated pro-democracy MPs was the final nail to the already tainted image of the judiciary,you can’t disregard the doctrine of the separation of powers, ‘invade’ and arrest Parliament, the only institution where the people have direct representation.

As per the doctrine of the separation of powers, Judge Mummcy Dlamini did not only convict the MPs in their personal capacity but, Parliament as an institution, has been found guilty by another arm of government that is seemingly, hell-bent to silence the voices of the people.

MPs Mduduzi Bacede Mabuza and Mthandeni Dube are not terrorists or criminals only a judicial prostitute can deliver such piece of ‘nonsense’ and call it a fair judgment. 

Shame on you Judge Mummcy Dlamini!.

PRO-DEMOCRACY MPS GUILTY VERDICT:Judge Mummcy Dlamini is a judicial ‘prostitute’.
Judge Mummcy Dlamini.