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Attorney General(AG) Sifiso Khumalo should be blamed for bad publicity against the King, he lied that the courts will solve a simple Public Relations issue.

Sunday, 11th June, 2023

When the King was under heavy criticism the past few years, Attorney General(AG) Sifiso Khumalo allegedly lied to him that preparing media censorship Bills and taking independent journalists to court will solve the problem.

But the King saved himself by hiring Percy Simelane who is always ready to set the record straight on issues touching on the Monarch.

AG Sifiso Khumalo allegedly pocketed millions of Rands claiming to be hiring lawyers in South Africa, on the other hand articles were being published without the King’s side of the story as the then Government Spokesperson Sabelo Dlamini was told by the Attorney General(AG) to keep quiet, this strategy didn’t work and it came at the expense of the King’s reputation.

The AG later responded by declaring this publication as a terrorist entity, one wonders who told him that thereafter, critical articles against the King and government will then stop. 

Khumalo further tried to intimidate the public with a R10million fine Bill on anyone who will circulate critical articles, all this demonstrated Sifiso Khumalo’s low thinking capacity.

As a learned person, Khumalo ought to have known that with the dynamics of the fourth industrial revolution, it’s very hard now to censor information, all that is needed is a strong public relations mechanism.

After seeing that the people around him were enjoying to see him being criticized by the media without his voice being heard, the King personally hired a Spokesperson and soon thereafter, stories about him were balanced.

AG Sifiso Khumalo must understand that the media is the Fourth Estate with a constitutional mandate, it’s major interest is to inform and hold those in power accountable.

Now that the King has hired a Spokesperson, some information involving him are disseminated with his side of the story.

One wonders as to why the AG hates the King so much, who told him that launching legal battles against the media will solve the problem.

Mswati is a Head of State, no lawyer can stop the media from reporting about issues surrounding the King.

Perhaps, that could  happen through imagination in the mind of a lawyer who is corrupt like Sifiso Khumalo, thrilled to see the King being a subject of public debate on critical issues while he pockets millions, claiming to be fighting the media.

AG Sifiso Khumalo lied to the King about three(3) years ago that in no time, he will be done with Swaziland News, he was just misleading the King.

As mentioned, the interest of the media is information dissemination and holding those in power accountable, the media should be engaged as a stakeholder, bullying will never work.

I hope I am making sense to the learned but ‘low-minded’ Attorney General(AG).

Attorney General(AG) Sifiso Khumalo should be blamed for bad publicity against the King, he lied that the courts will solve a simple Public Relations issue.
King’s Spokesperson Percy Simelane.