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AMBITIONS TO BECOME THE NEXT PRIME MINISTER:Why ex-PM’s wife Joy Maziya assaulted Senate President Lindiwe Dlamini for attempting to kiss Barnabas Dlamini in front of her?.

Saturday, 24th June, 2023

The only female who was brave enough to deal with Senate President Lindiwe Gwebu-Dlamini, a self-confessed prostitute was former Prime Minister(PM) Dr Barnabas Sibusiso Dlamini’s ex-wife Joy Maziya.

Joy once assaulted Lindiwe Gwebu-Dlamini, the then Housing and Urban Development Minister for attempting to hug and kiss Prime Minister Barnabas Sibusiso Dlamini in front of her, the PM was being welcomed by Ministers from an overseas trip.

Lindiwe who is ambitious to become next and/or first female Prime Minister is busy these days organizing her political syndicate to ‘badmouth’ other politicians to the King that include Prince Magudvulela on allegations that they went to China, if Mswati is not careful,this alleged prostitute will turn the country upside down.

Prime Minister Dr Barnabas Sibusiso Dlamini once joked about ‘nonsense’ Joy Maziya during press conference at Mavuso Trade Centre organized by the Eswatini Investment Promotion Authority(EIPA), I was present and could remember his words.

I wish the former PM’s ex-wife Joy Maziya was around, seemingly, she is the only one who knows how to deal with the Senate President.

Perhaps,we must ask ourselves what Lindiwe wants to do to the King by plotting to turn him against the people including his brothers that include Prince Magudvulela.

Lindiwe must know that Magudvulela is the senior Prince of KaHhohho, whether he went to China or not, that does not wash away his royal blood and the significance of the Hhohho Royal house in the institution of the Monarchy.

It is for these reasons that we are calling for democracy so that the powers of the King could be regulated.

As the situation stands, prostitutes like Lindiwe Gwebu- Dlamini are abusing the powers of the institution of the Monarchy, she married Army Intelligence boss Sisusa Dlamini just for that, power and influence.

Lindiwe once confessed in church that she was a prostitute selling her body on the streets and specializing on married men but seemingly, she never changed her behavior, she now uses that experience to ‘date’ influential men in the politics with intent to influence decisions thus, literally reducing our country into a prostitute’s underwear.

Recently, she was busy during Parliament workshops, calling for laws that will deal with this publication, she knew very-well that she can’t do anything to this Swaziland News.

But because she wanted to be seen protective of King Mswati, she was vocal calling for decisive action against the independent media, what a shame ‘bloody’ prostitute!!!.

In conclusion, let me bring to the attention of Senate President Lindiwe Gwebu-Dlamini that she can’t claim to love the institution of the Monarchy more than us who are its descendants.

We are telling the King the truth, urging him to allow democratic reforms because we love this country, it is such hypocrisy and lying to the King that resulted to the current political tension.

But Mswati will pay a heavy price if he continues to allow prostitutes like Lindiwe to ruin this country, this country does not belong to Mswati or the institution of the Monarchy, it belongs to Swazis and the people as citizens of this country, must be treated with human dignity.

AMBITIONS TO BECOME THE NEXT PRIME MINISTER:Why ex-PM’s wife Joy Maziya assaulted Senate President Lindiwe Dlamini for attempting to kiss Barnabas Dlamini in front of her?.
Senate President Lindiwe Dlamini.