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Old Senators like Vuka ‘Moi Moi’ Masilela, Isaac Magagula caused the political unrest, King must ‘offload’ these ‘Madalas’.

Wednesday, 28th June, 2023

Senators like Vuka ‘Moi Moi’ Masilela and Isaac Magagula who are now going for eighty(80) years are the causes of the political unrest, the King will always be at loggerheads with young people for as long as these old and ignorant Madalas are obstructing opportunities for young intelligent people.

Isaac Magagula is now working an extra twenty(20) years after reaching the retirement age, this means an unemployed young person somewhere who would be in Parliament and present constructive submissions in sitting somewhere bitter about the King and the Tinkhundla system.

Magagula and Masilela have already consumed about twenty(20) salaries that could have gone to the youth, these ‘Madalas’ are a liability to this country and must go home, otherwise more unemployed young people who are bitter, will influence another unrest.

During one of the Parliament workshops, I was surprised to see Isaac Magagula presenting that action must be taken against online publications who are critical of this regime, because he is too old, he doesn’t understand that with the dynamics of the fourth Industrial Revolution, it’s impossible to censor information.

But this doesn’t mean all Madalas are stupid like Isaac and Moi Moi, Ludzidzini Governor Lusendvo Fakudze, in his 90s seems to be more intelligent than these political fools, he knows how to respect journalists. 

Every-time when I asked Fakudze sensitive questions about the King, he will always be humble and even say “Awu, angiyati leyo ndzaba mntfwanami, uyitsatsaphi wena? Ake, sewuyibutisise kulabo labakutjelile”. 

An old intelligent man, in his 90s, who knows how to constructively engage instead of bullying journalists.

Senator Moi Moi insulted Motshane Member of Parliament(MP) Robert Magongo and MP Marwick Khumalo for expressing their views suggesting that Senate was sleeping.

The two MPs were correct, Senator Moi Moi, by merely looking at him, is like a sleeping walking man, he cannot be effective on critical Parliament debates.

But Senator Isaac Magagula is a more complicated old ‘political fool’, he always thinks he can do things his way.

Perhaps being the National Commissioner of Police made him to think that all of us will salute him and write articles in a way that will please him, we don’t salute ‘political fools’ here.

We are advocating for a free and democratic society here, and one of its pillars, is freedom of expression and opinion.

It was surprising that Senators once held a meeting just to discuss an opinion of MPs Marwick Khumalo and Robert Magongo suggesting that, Senate was sleeping, that was their opinion.

But my opinion goes beyond that, I strongly believe these Madalas are the causes of the political unrest, they must go and rest, the salaries they are earning should benefit the youth.

Old Senators like Vuka ‘Moi Moi’ Masilela, Isaac Magagula caused the political unrest, King must ‘offload’ these ‘Madalas’.
Senator Moi Moi Masilela.