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PARLIAMENT DISSOLUTION: Editor rates Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers according to their performances.

Monday, 10th July, 2023

1. PRIME CLEOPAS DLAMINI: He is one of the most softest Heads of Government ever, to be appointed by the King. It’s difficult to rate him considering the fact that he was appointed two(2) years ago. I can give him one(1) mark just for being a stylish dresser. 1/10.

2. DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER THEMBA MASUKU: The DPM was loved and respected by the elderly until he commanded the killing of civilians in June 2021. I wouldn’t be surprised to see his name in the list of targeted sanctions 0/10.

3. EDUCATION MINISTER LADY-HOWARD MABUZA: She demonstrated leadership during the COVID-19 when she managed the syllabus that was almost disturbed by the pandemic. But,with schools struggling without working equipment, she will get only five(5) marks. 5/10.

4. JUSTICE MINISTER PHOLILE SHAKANTU: She failed to restore the rule of law in the country and to influence the dismissal of corrupt Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala.But at least, one of her departments, the Human Rights Commission tried to investigate the killing of civilians even though the report was not fully implemented. 4/10.

5. URBAN DEVELOPMENT MINISTER PRINCE SIMELANE: The Prince declared publicly shortly after his appointment that he knew nothing about the Ministry of Housing, in fact, he said he wasn’t even aware that such Ministry existed in the country. In 2021 during the political unrest, he incited violence against civilians and urged Mswati's security forces ‘to fight fire with fire'. But towards the end of his term, the Prince demonstrated leadership when he castrated the syndicate allegedly linked to Clifford Mamba and Mbabane Chief Executive Officer(CEO)Gideon Mhlongo by refusing to renew the latter’s contract. 4/10.

6. ECONOMIC PLANNING MINISTER DR THAMBO GINA: The ongoing Eswatini Youth Employment Programme(EYEP) facilitated by the United Nations Development Programme(UNDP) is one of the best initiatives. But,Gina was one of the most quiet Ministers who failed to come-up with programs to foster economic stability. 3/10.

7. COMMERCE MINISTER MANCOBA KHUMALO: He was the busiest Minister throughout his term of office, promoting Foreign Direct Investments(FDIs), Domestic Investment(DIs) and facilitating the establishment of businesses including factories. 8/10.

8.FINANCE MINISTER NEAL RIJIKERNBERG: Minister Rijikernberg defied Parliament, frustrated and ‘shutdown’ Dubai car dealers. This resulted to a high rate of car theft or smuggling in the country as some citizens no longer afford cars. 0/10.

9. FOREIGN AFFAIRS MINISTER THULISILE DLADLA: She was highly respected and a role model for women and young girls while chairing the Public Accounts Commitee(PAC).But immediately after her appointment to Cabinet, she changed to become a ‘monster’. Anyway, we haven’t received complaints from diplomats regarding her conduct. 2/10.

10. AGRICULTURE MINISTER JABULANI MABUZA: The programme introduced by the Eswatini Agricultural Water and Development Enterprise(ESWADE) to support indigenous farmers is one of his achievements. Agriculture remains one of the pillars to enhance food security and reduce reliance on South Africa in terms of food production. 5/10.

11. YOUTH AFFAIRS MINISTER HARRIES MADZE BULUNGA: It’s even pointless rate him, he did literally nothing for the youth not to mention his Constituency. 0/10.

12. PUBLIC WORKS MINISTER CHIEF NDLALUHLAZA: This Minister failed to rehabilitate roads across the country. But there are other achievements under his administration like the commencement of the Scunusa-Gege road construction. 3/10.


14. TINKHUNDLA MINISTER DAVID CRUIZER NGCAMPHALALA:Towards elections, he was busy delivering tractors and trucks across the Tinkhundla Centres.But, he subsequently grabbed four(4) tractors for his Constituency including himself. Corrupt fellow! 3/10.

15. LABOUR MINISTER PHILA BUTHELEZI: This Minister failed to change Government Gazettes and introduce a reasonable Minimum Wage and as result, some workers are paid less than One-Thousand Five Hundred Rands(R1,500.00). But, he tried to handle the Scholarship crisis by releasing monies for University students. 2/10.

16. HEALTH MINISTER LIZZIE NKOSI: She failed to address the shortage of drugs in hospitals but instead, she would consistently lie to the State owned radio saying the crisis has been resolved. 0/10.

17. PUBLIC SERVICE MINISTER MABULALA MASEKO: He tried to award civil servants a Cost of Living Adjustment(COLA) even though it wasn’t enough. 5/10.

18. TOURISM AND ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIRS MINISTER MOSES VILAKATI: Eswatini achieved more on tourism under his political administration but he did not perform according to expectations except to lobby other Cabinet Ministers to plant trees across the country. 4/10.

19. INFORMATION MINISTER PRINCESS SIKHANYISO: This Minister was hardly at work. He even lied to the international community in 2021, during the political unrest that there were mercenaries in eSwatini burning structures when in fact, it was Mswati’s soldiers and the police killing civilians. 1/10.

20. HOME AFFAIRS MINISTER PRINCESS LINDIWE: One of the most polite Ministers with few scandals. But it was the R263million electronic visa tender awarded to Prince Guduza and Khandlela Mdluli’s company that tainted her reputation.During her term, there were fewer complaints of shortage of passports and some were decentralised. 3/10.

PARLIAMENT DISSOLUTION: Editor rates Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers according to their performances.
Cabinet offices in Mbabane.