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King must hold Executive powers while facilitating for democratic reforms

Friday, 19th June, 2020

As we call for democratic reforms, we must guard against a scramble for power by political vultures within the Tinkhundla system and even in the progressive movement.

As a result, King Mswati must hold on the Executive powers until the political ground is fertile for a peaceful transfer of those powers to a democratic government.

It is of paramount importance to mention that  even though King Mswati has messed up this country, he might gain more respect locally and internationally should he decide to be part of the process to transform this country into democracy.  As a Nation, we must never commit any mistake by creating a leadership vacuum, for we have political vultures next to the King and even within the political movement  whose sole intentions is to grab power for self-enrichment. It is therefore important for the various political parties to prepare a clear proposed legal framework that seeks to facilitate the democratic reforms and hopefully, the King will understand that his government has failed the people and hand over the Executive powers to the people.

But then, as a country, we need to understand that we have various corrupt and dangerous political syndicates who are eagerly waiting to grab this country, this should be prevented at all costs. 

Let me emphasize that the calls for democratic reforms suggests that power should be handed over to the people not political cliques, the people will then decide through democratic elections who should be in government.

In light of the aforementioned, let me further mention that as we intensify the calls for democratic reforms, we must embrace the role of the King, he must be part of the process.

However, if King Mswati behaves like other dictators who refused to hand over power to the people, we will have no alternative but lobby the international community and call for his removal, for he cannot successfully  resist change forever. 

King Mswati must understand that power belongs to the people and we cannot keep on begging him for democracy, we deserve to be treated like human beings in our country.

In conclusion, let me emphasize that even though we are facing challenges in this country, political parties must unite and give the King a fair chance to be part of the democratic process. As mentioned, we are not begging him for democracy, if he fails to hand over power to the people, then we must start lobbying for support from the international, to remove the entire institution of the Monarchy and throw it into the political dustbin.

King must hold Executive powers while facilitating for democratic reforms
King Mswati