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Exposed Chief Justice has turned our Judicial system into Umncadvo

Sunday, 21st June, 2020

On a balance of probabilities, we can now safely describe Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala as one of the most corrupt Judges in the history of this country.

One of the definitions of corruption is abuse of power for dishonest gain and the conduct of the CJ who manipulated his position of significant trust for sexual benefit with a police officer suggest that he cannot be trusted with the fair administration of justice in this country. It should be noted that before the Times Sunday exposed this relationship, as the media we had information suggesting that the Chief Justice has been abusing taxpayers money on international trips with the bodyguard, however, at the time, that evidence was not convincing enough to accuse the CJ of sexual misconduct on the grounds that this was his bodyguard hence it was difficult to prove this claims merely by producing traveling documents.

But then, now the Chief Justice has made our work as the media very easy by eventually marrying his bodyguard, we need to investigate how much it costed the taxpayers to finance international trips and other activities undertaken by the lovebirds to satisfy their lust. It pathetic to have people like the CJ to use state resources to satisfy their sexual desires.   

We do have credible Magistrates and Judges in the country, it is unfortunate that some are currently acting while our judiciary is being headed by a corrupt person. We need to stop accusing the whole Judicial system of corruption, instead, we must   target the cancer in our justice system and remove it, in this case Bheki Maphalala.

As mentioned, the conduct of the CJ amounts to corruption in that he allegedly manipulated public resources and his position for his sexual desires. One wonders why are we allowing this man to turn our justice system into umncandvo(a traditional underwear), every time he wants to ejaculate, he just removes it and pick anyone within the staff for sex and this is done at the expense of the taxpayers.

The law society, media and other stakeholders should collectively call for the removal of the Chief Justice, he must be forced to declare how he maintains five wives with his salary otherwise, we might be forced to believe that he is indeed selling justice to the rich. 

Furthermore, he must be suspended pending an investigation regarding this alleged sexual misconduct that undermines the integrity of our courts. People are now accusing even innocent Judges and the entire Judiciary of corruption, let us address the problem and restore the integrity of our justice system.

We will always be reluctant to approach the courts for justice if we have corrupt Judges like Maphalala who disregard ethical conduct.

Exposed Chief Justice has turned our Judicial system into Umncadvo
Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala