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Happy birthday to King’s Financial Advisor Sthofeni Ginindza who saved my life from Deputy National Commissioner Sam Mthembu.

Sunday, 13th August, 2023

King Mswati’s Advisor Sthofeni Ginindza gave me a go ahead to publicly wish him a happy birthday.

Well, for me it’s more than that but to appreciate how he saved my life from serial killer Sam Mthembu, the then Deputy National Commissioner who wanted to kill me together with former Police National Commissioner Isaac Magagula.

Mthembu traced my calls at MTN and realized that I was frequently communicating with Ginindza and Bongani ‘Sigcosiyancinca’ Dlamini, the then Swazi TV Chief Executive Officer (CEO) among others.

The late serial killer senior cop separately invited Ginindza and Sigcokosincinca and gather more information about me, Mthembu wanted to know how I was linked powerful people.

But I wondered why he didn’t invite Prime Minister Sibusiso Barnabas Dlamini because the then PM was also calling me frequently.

As a journalist, it is normal to communicate with those in power.

Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini, the then MTN CEO told me that he was also invited by Deputy Commissioner Sam Mthembu who wanted by ‘head’ just for doing my job as an investigative journalist.

Let me state that Mthembu and Magagula were not sent by the King to kill me, this was their own ‘paid’ project but, they wanted to act as if they were protecting the King from criticism.

Both Sigcokosiyancinca and Ginindza never interfered with my journalism duties, at some point, Sthofeni tried to asked me not to be hard and critical on the King and I told him that it’s part of my job and he respected my decision.

I sent a Whatsap message wishing him a happy birthday and he said he doesn’t have a problem even if I can go public.

Some individuals who work with the King doesn’t want the King to know that they interact with people who are critically of him but, Ginindza is not a hypocrite who pretend as if he doesn’t speak to ‘Zwemart’.

Bongani ‘Sigcokosiyancinca’ Dlamini was also invited by Mthembu to the Police Headquarters said “Ngeke boMthembu bakubulale sikhona, ngeke kwenteke loko”.

Sigcokosiyancinca was a hard core traditionalist and a supporter of the King but, we used to meet almost every two days to enjoy lunch together and speak politics, we would agree and disagree on how the country was governed.

I hope those who are close to the King and the senior police officers are learning something, being progressive does not mean you are an enemy to those who are pro-Tinkhundla and support the King, we should debate about issues.

Even some of Mswati’s trusted allies visits me this side, we debate about politics and agree that there are issues that neeeds to be solved in the public administration. Our  agree that democracy and good governance will solve the social and economic issues affecting the people, such debates with 

Sthofeni Ginindza loves and protect King, he never speaks about things discussed between him and his boss with me because he knows I am a journalist, I might pick a ‘scoop’ as we debate.

On the other hand, I cannot contact him to verify things about King Mswati because we agreed that I will never get any information about the King from him.

Ginindza once motivated me saying my style of journalism enhanced access to information in the country, he encouraged me to continue with my work as a journalist.

But this was after he tried to convince me to at least stop writing about the King, a request that was denied. Happy birthday Sthofeni Ginindza!!!

Happy birthday to King’s Financial Advisor Sthofeni Ginindza who saved my life from Deputy National Commissioner Sam Mthembu.
King’s Financial Advisor Sthofeni Ginindza editor Zweli Martin Dlamini and ex-SRA Commissioner General Dumsani Masilela.