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OPINION:Nation Magazine editor Bheki Makhubu warned us about corrupt Chief Justice Maphalala, shame on Mswati for appointing this ‘thing’.

Thursday, 17th August, 2023

Bheki Makhubu, the Nation Magazine veteran editor was the only journalist who consistently exposed corruption in the judiciary particularly, the breakdown in the administration of Justice in this tiny Kingdom.

Chief Justice (CJ) Bheki Maphalala once fined the Nation Magazine and it’s editor two hundred thousand Rands(R200,000.00) merely for, criticizing the late CJ Michael Ramodibedi, the amount was subsequently reduced by the Supreme Court.

It’s fair to recognize and thank editor Makhubu while he is still alive because all the things he was writing about, are now visible for everyone to see, the judiciary has been literally turned into kangaroo courts.

Judge Bheki Maphalala as he then was, imposed the R200,000.00 with an intention to close the Nation Magazine and silence the media so that, he  can engage in corruption without any disturbance.

What happened thereafter, we saw the judiciary granting individuals who were suing the the Times of eSwatini huge monies, that was an agenda to silence the media.

The judiciary, particularly the Chief Justice, was blinded by corruption and in the process, failed to balance the right to human dignity, freedom of the press and public interest, by silencing the media through highly questionable lawsuits judgement. 

We cannot expect the Times and the Nation Magazine to perform amid persecution by a State institution,that is supposed to safeguard and/or protect human rights including but not limited to, freedom of the press whose fundamental objective, is to enhance access to information.

But the Chief Justice went on to castrate the Anti-Corruption Commission(ACC) through a questionable judgement and as the situation stands, the ACC in eSwatini is non-functional.

In all this, the CJ was seeking to destroy all institutions that might question him on corruption, this country is literally a joke now.

One colleague told me that Bheki Makhubu was no-longer vibrant and I told him that at his age and the persecution he went through, why do you expect him to perform like in the 1990s.

Bheki Makhubu played a significant role in exposing corruption within judiciary and  as mentioned, what he wrote warning us about Bheki Maphalala is now visible for all of us to see.

As a result, some of us who grew-up reading the informative articles of the Nation Magazine understands that, Bheki Makhubu was correct, our judiciary is now sinking deeper into corruption and the mastermind is Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala.

Mswati must be ashamed of himself for allowing Bheki Maphalala to continue working as a Chief Justice, just because he is protecting his interests. 

As the situation stands,we have a majority of Acting Magistrates who are females, some of them were appointed after having sexual intercourse with the Chief Justice. 

Recently, I spoke to a senior court official trying to understand what the CJ was doing, complaints have been filed against Maphalala and seemingly, Mswati is delaying to remove him.

It is for these reasons we want democracy, we can’t rely on Mswati’s political feelings, despite the overwhelming evidence on allegations of misconduct, Bheki Maphalala is still the Chief Justice, this country is literally a joke.

Thanks to Bheki Makhubu who warned us, this ‘thing’ must be removed.

The judiciary is a very critical and sensitive institution, as mentioned in my previous articles, in a democratic dispensation, the law rules.

Therefore, we have an obligation to consistently demand, as we hereby do, the immediate removal of the corrupt Chief Justice until King Mswati comes back to his senses and realize that this country cannot be equated to Bheki Maphalala’s horny penis.

Maphalala is so horny such that, the judiciary is now saturated with female Acting Magistrates whose positions are redundant, he had to compete some of them with positions funded by our taxes to fulfill his sexual desires.

Indeed the CJ appointed some Acting Magistrates after having sex with them, some of these court officials have confessed in ‘confidence’ to me and Maphalala can take me to court if he denies these allegations.

Shame on you CJ, You are a disgrace!!!.

OPINION:Nation Magazine editor Bheki Makhubu warned us about corrupt Chief Justice Maphalala, shame on Mswati for appointing this ‘thing’.
Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala.