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Central Bank pump over E0.5million to various social programs

Friday, 4th October, 2019

The Central Bank of eSwatini(CBE) donated over E0.5million to various organizations as part of its Corporate Social Investment(CSI).

These entities include Enactus Eswatini, St Joseph's High School, National Association of Persons with Visual Impairment in Eswatini and KaShiele High School. Other entities that also benefited include the Southern African Nazarene University (SANU), the Intellectual Foundations, Junior Achievements and AMICAALL.

St Joseph's High School received roofing material worth E150,000.00 in an event that was held last week at Mafutseni in the outskirts of Manzini. The school was established in 1914, by the Roman Catholic as a public co-educational school for integrating the education of disabled pupils and normally-abled pupils. Addressing participants during the event, Majozi Sithole, the Governor of Central Bank Eswatini urged the school to take care of the roofing that the bank has donated-as it will go a long way in ensuring that the pupils receive quality education in sound structures. The Governor who also did his primary education at the school urged Swazi's to support the school.

"We know that as a country we are facing economic challenges, but as a bank we are committed in investing in quality education because it is the key to vision 2022 and beyond, I urge the teachers and pupils to look after the structures as it will also be used even by the next generations.

Receiving the donation on behalf of the school, Andreas Tfwala, the Headteacher thanked the Central Bank of Eswatini for donating the roofing of the 3 dilapidated roofs at the school as the situation was really worsening.. He said pupils had to hide under their desks during rainy days. The headteacher further mentioned that over the past years the school has been receiving financial assistance from overseas countries and later, the Government of eSwatini under the Ministry of Education came in to support financially. "We thank the Central Bank of Eswatini for their continued support in the quest of improving the quality of education in the school. As you heard the pupils while rendering a song, they will now learn peacefully on rainy days because the situation was really compromising their education. In the past we received financial assistance from overseas donors and now we are only dependant on the Government of Eswatini under the Ministry of Education" said the headteacher. The Southern African Nazarene University (SANU) received a donation of E50,000.00 towards creating income generating projects. Zithulele Gina, the Head of Strategy and Communications emphasized that as a bank they encouraged the use of vocational skills to earn a living that will make people generate money and also have financial freedom.

Speaking during the Corporate Social Investment week, he said as a bank they received thousands of sponsorship requests but they then choose those that are part of their priority areas which include; community and Health Programs, Education, National & Research Institutions, and Disaster and Relief Programs. He said it was for that reason that they partnered with Enactus Eswatini because it encourages tertiary students to venture into entrepreneurship which encourages the students to create or think out of the box in using their vocational skills to make a living. "This is the week as a bank whereby we visit all the projects that we sponsor to see the progress, and to also engage with each other. As a bank we developed a relationship with Enactus Eswatini over a couple of years to help support the university students in their vocational skills to go into business apart from their studies. Through Enactus, we have now developed a relationship with SANU and Umhluma WaBomake. To add on, the tertiary institutions are part of the bank's policy on how we can offer help in encouraging vocational and entrepreneurial skills they may do to help them do business so they may make a living, instead of only focusing on getting a job" Gina said. Enactus Eswatini received a donation of E50,000.00 for a Students Enterprise Development Programme, while Junior Achievement also received E50,000.00 for a financially literacy program to be rolled out in 40 schools. The bank also donated a generator and tablets worth E20,000.00 to be presented during Speech and Prize day at KaShiele High School. The National Association of Persons with Visual Impairment in Eswatini benefited from the bank's kind gesture as it received E50,000.00 that would cover costs of converting a financial literacy material to braille. Siphumelele High School was also among the entities that benefited as it received E75,000.00 that would be used for fencing. Speaking on behalf of Umhluma WaboMake Foundation an entity that benefited through Enactus, Lungelo Zulu, the Director said their foundation focused on empowering women especially widows, whereby they encourage financial freedom through the various projects that they do. She said one of the projects was founded by the SANU students. The Umhluma Director said students educated these women in the community on how to make fertilizer using food waste and bugashi.

"Umhluma waBomake Foundation focus on empowering women, especially widowed women to be able to make money through the various projects that we embark on, one of the projects being the manufacturing of fertilizer using food waste and Bugashi. As a foundation we also plan to launch a campaign called ‘Serve a Widow' for the establishment of a cooperative where these women can save. As Umhluma waBomake we believe women must be financially stable, so that they may not become vulnerable" said Lungelo Zulu. The Central Bank CSI week ended with an event where all the beneficiaries received their cheques from Governor Majozi Sithole. The presentation was held in Mbabane at the Central Bank of Eswatini recreational Hall. The Governor recalled some of the profound speeches, comments, and remarks that were made by the different speakers during the week. The beneficiaries of the 2019/20 CSI are; St Joseph's High School, Siphumelele High School, Southern African Nazarene University, Intellectual Foundations, Ka-Schiele High School, Enactus Eswatini, National Association of Persons with Visual Impairment in Eswatini, AMICAAL, and Junior Achievement (JA) Eswatini. The Central Bank of Eswatini (CBE) commits to a corporate social investment (CSI) programme that is an integral component of a broader economic, social and environmental friendly strategy. The Bank's vision of CSI is to meaningfully impact the communities within which it operates, beyond just financial assistance. The programme's mission is to ensure that its corporate social responsibility complements corporate and national objectives by leveraging business strength to pursue distinctive and high-profile flagship programmes. During the CSI week, Zithulele Gina emphasized in one of his speeches that the bank received thousands of sponsorship requests but then the bank commits to give a helping hand to those requests that aligns with the bank's policy priority areas. The key priority areas that shall be considered under the CSI Partnership programme are: Community and Health Programs,Education and Disaster Relief Funding among others.

Central Bank pump over E0.5million to various social programs