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So speaking your mind amounts to disrespecting the King?

Friday, 22nd November, 2019

It is very clear that Swazis have never had a chance to engage each other or hold serious talks on any matter or national challenge(s). This is because they have never exercised their God given fundamental rights to freedom of assembly and right to freedom of expression and opinion. The King has systematically put a masking tape over our lips so that he may not engage anyone on matters that are important to us. The King does not believe in representation therefore, he does not foresee Swazis being able to choose those who can represent them in any political set up. The King has to legislate the registration of political parties and further allow them to exercise the rights that are inherent with their operations in civilized societies before we hold the referendum. The political tension that exists in this country has been brought about by the conduct of the King. He has nobody else to blame but himself! Chief Mgwagwa of the King’s office and Prince Nhlonipho of Liqoqo have been irresponsible in their remarks whilst Mandvulo and Princess Sikhanyiso have worsened the situation. Let it be clear to all that the King cannot be a private individual. When he took the throne, he ceased being a private individual (Prince Makhosetive). He took charge of the public purse and utilization of the country’s resources for the benefit of the Swazi people. 

We have been taken advantage of by some clever fools because we were not politically learned to defend our God given human rights. The recent splashing of money (willy-nilly) by the King in the acquisition of cars beyond our imagination, has shown us that the King is a biggest liability to our survival as a people. This lavish lifestyle cannot be sustained by our hard-earned cash and sweat. Those who think the King has his own money to use any how he deems fit, then they should tell him to vacate the Throne so that he does whatever he likes. If the Palaces were built using state funds, then the Swazis have a lot to say on how the money is to be used. The King has alienated himself from the Swazi people. Our King is the last person to say we should disappear from the face of Swaziland. But if he spends money this way whilst we are perishing in hospitals because of shortage of drugs and none existent health services then there is no link between the King and us. It is clear that a lavish life-style tops his priority list compared to our survival. Remember if the King were to order Mandvulo to pay civil servants their COLA it would all be done without any qualms but because they are not of any importance to him, he has made the decision that they are to get nothing, poor little servants will get nothing indeed. In this country a Prime minister does not exist. All the King needs is a herd boywho will always be told what to do and when. The King is being unfair to the Swazi people. I am one of those who are beginning to look at a period where life will go on with a diminished role of the King in the lives of the Swazi people. We want power to legislate and appropriate resources. We do not need the byre to map our way forward. If Swazi kings were to be given the opportunity to write their Will, would they ever put the Swazi people in their Will? No, they would not. Lastly, I would like you to think who is likely to get the bulk of this E2billion that is commercially raised in RSA bank.

So speaking your mind amounts to disrespecting the King?
PUDEMO President Mlungisi Makhanya