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SCHOOLS OPENING: Mdzimba High teacher dies of COVID-19, Health Minister confirms 68 new cases.

Tuesday, 21st July, 2020

MBABANE: Boy Magagula(54) a History teacher at Mdzimba High School has in the early morning hours of Tuesday died of COVID-19 while undergoing treatment at Lubombo Referral Hospital. 

Before his death, the teacher confirmed to this Swaziland News last week during an interview while in his hospital bed that he was suffering from COVID-19.

“I am admitted here at Lubombo Referral for COVID-19, this thing is suffocating me” he said during a brief interview last week 

Reached for comments, Principal Secretary of the Ministry Of Education Bertram Stewart who has been advocating for the opening of schools confirmed the teacher's death but he arrogantly told this publication that he was sick for a long time hence he can’t be sure that he died of COVID-19, however, the death was confirmed by Health Minister in a statement.

“He has been away from school since the 6thJuly and has been sick for a very long time. We can't be sure if he indeed died from COVID-19\"  said the Principal Secretary.

The President for the Swaziland National Association of Teachers (SNAT) Mbongwa Dlamini said the Principal Secretary is demonstrating high level of arrogance.

“COVID-19 remains independent of his opinion and ideas. It’s a real killer disease, we should not be this reckless. They are gambling with our lives, as we speak, government is in court defending the reopening of schools. They are saying life must continue amid the outbreak of the disease, what life when people are dying?" he said.

Dlamini further passed his condolences to the Magagula family, his colleagues, students and the SNAT family at large.

Wandile Dludlu the Secretary General for the People's United Democratic Movement said as a party they were devastated by the sad news.

“We are devastated by these sad news, Boy Magagula was one of the first treason trialists in 1990 at the beginning of our struggle, and he was still a student at William Pitcher College back then. He dedicated his whole life in our struggle for democracy, he even risked his chances of getting employment from government .He became an active member up to his very last day of his life .The  last time we checked on  him at hospital he was in  good spirits, he was  even looking forward  to  his discharge. We would like to pass our heartfelt condolences to his family, colleagues, and SNAT” said  the PUDEMO Secretary General. 

On the other hand, Health Minister Lizzie Nkosi announced 68 new cases taking the total number of cases 1894. She also confirmed 855 recoveries and the death toll currently stands at 24.

SCHOOLS OPENING: Mdzimba High teacher dies of COVID-19, Health Minister confirms 68 new cases.
The late Mdzimba High teacher Boy Magagula