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LETTER TO EDITOR:I am a former Headteacher and here is my Sibaya submission articulating why Tinkhundla system is the best.

Thursday, 26th October, 2023

Good day editor Zweli Martin Dlamini

Here is my contribution to Sibaya on your platform that is read by hundreds of thousands of Emaswati.

I am Daniel Warren Ryan former Headmaster Salesian High and Sigangeni High School for twenty-four(24) years combined.          

 My opinion is that in Swaziland the youth must be taken seriously and be involved as participants and not onlookers in the development of this country. 

To achieve and attain this the onus will be with the new PM and Finance Minister to take their role with the seriousness it deserves. 

In my opinion Government must set aside R4Billion and this translates into R1billion for each of the four(4)regions of Eswatini.

The  RA's can be the Chairperson of each Committee in each of the four(4)regions to be a panel to source and collate all the most pressing and urgent needs of each Umphakatsi and each Inkhundla in each of the four(4)regions.

R1billion sounds like much but it is not. If almost R5billion can be pumped into a single structure as in the case of the Ezulwini Hotel and Conference Centre  then surely R4billion can serve the development of each Inkhundla in a very positive manner.

The Youth would then have employment and be kept busy or occupied and by default there could be peace and prosperity in the country.

The Youth have so much manpower and can be contributors rather than mere observers.

Of course the RA and his/her team must ensure there are controls and checks and balances to stem the corrupr practices or embesslements that could possibly occur in each Inkhundla such as inflated tender quotes and inflated price quotes which are corrupt practices. The PM and his team must do this consecutively for five(5)years.

What will Government benefit? The answer is Billions from PAYE earns from each worker and revenue from each private business or enterprise. Private businesses must be taxed for income into the national fiscus. 

Community based Projects such as Dams bridges Schools hospital  clinics roads etc must not be taxed but the workers must pay PAYE as Government will need returns in order to sustain this national project for the next half decade. 

In this manner there will be no strife and hunger or poverty as the majority of the people who are unemployed will find employments and the King can be rewarded with his longstanding quest for peace and prosperity of the Swazi Nation. 

I am a witness to the violence the looting and arson engaged in by predominantly the youth of this nation and I was heartbroken but now heres the moment for a turnaround to make the youth the movers and shakers of a dynamic revolving economy whereby we become over the next five(5) years a country of self-sufficiency and not beggars reliant on handouts and unproductive loans  that never benefit the people. 

The Tinkhundla system is the best for the Swazi people but let me emphasize that not under its current form, it definitely needs overhaul in order for it to be a philosophy that is beneicial to its people.

LETTER TO EDITOR:I am a former Headteacher and here is my Sibaya submission articulating why Tinkhundla system is the best.
EmaSwati during Sibaya.