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LIMKOKWING LECTURER HISTORIC JUDGEMENT:Industrial Court Judges who ended culture of impunity must be commended,workers are struggling in this country.

Sunday, 29th October, 2023

Industrial Court of Appeal Judges Andreas Lukhele, Sifiso Sibandze and Dumisani Mazibuko must be commended for the historic judgement they delivered in the matter between dismissed Lecturer Xolile Sacolo and the Limkokwing University of Creative and Technology(LUCT).

Justice in this country is becoming very scarce and such judgements give us hope that at least, we have some Judges who still upload the rule of law in a country where even the courts are expected to protect the interests of the rich,powerful and politically connected.

Limkokwing University is Musa Sibandze Attorneys client and this law-firm is fast becoming a ‘mafia’ used by giant companies to unfairly dismiss workers and this,I would suggest,is very unfortunate.

This law-firm normally organizes a Disciplinary Commitee Chairman for clients who will just recommend a dismissal knowing very well that,when the dismissed employees run to court,they have some Judges in their pockets who will rule in their favour.

Alternatively, the law-firm delays the matter for years through the abuse of court processes until the dismissed employee dies or becomes financially unstable.

Lawyer Musa Sibandze who also represents the Times sometimes uses that newspaper to report court cases involving his clients,in a manner that portrays the dismissed employees in bad light while protecting the interests or image of the corporate clients.

We cannot allow lawyers whose integrity remain questionable to capture even Judges just to ensure that,workers are frustrated and denied justice, it is for these reasons we commend the three(3) Judges for the historic judgement.

Perhaps, we must also commend the dismissed Lecturer and her lawyer Meluleki Ndlangamandla for their consistent effort to fight for justice, this matter is not only about Xolile Sacolo but all the workers in the country who were unfairly dismissed and we will follow it to its finality, perhaps until it reaches the Supreme Court.

The Judges who are allegedly on lawyer Musa Sibandze’s pocket must know that it’s just a matter of time, they will be exposed.

We need to extract the courts from the pockets of corrupt lawyers and corporate companies who are promoting the culture of impunity in this country by disregarding the rule of law.

Perhaps, others will ask themselves why the independent media have an interest in this particular matter?, the answer is simple, we were eagerly waiting to see how the Judges will decide the case knowing the corrupt modus operandi of lawyer Musa Sibandze.

The three(3) Judges being Andreas Lukhele, Sifiso Nsibandze and Dumisani Mazibuko have restored the integrity of the Industrial Court of Appeal with this judgement and for this,we commend them.

LIMKOKWING LECTURER HISTORIC JUDGEMENT:Industrial Court Judges who ended culture of impunity must be commended,workers are struggling in this country.
Dismissed Lecturer Xolile Sacolo.