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OPINION:So former Economic Planning Minister Dr Thambo Gina is trying to please King Mswati by inciting violence against pro-democracy activists inside Sibaya?.

Tuesday, 31st October, 2023

In terms of eSwatini culture, the King is a King for all emaSwati, even those with different political views cannot be labeled as political outcasts but, our true identity suggests that, they must be properly engaged through a political dialogue to fully understand their grievances.

Dr Thambo Gina, the former Minister of Economic Planning and Development incited violence inside Sibaya at Ludzidzini Palace,he suggested that, the State must consider using both the gun and a dialogue to maintain peace and stability in the country, this is pure “rubbish”.

King Mswati when preaching at Mandvulo Hall once said “Bantfu labatsandza tikhundla balahlekelwa ngulomcondvo”, this is one of the few accurate statements made by the King and it seems to be relevant to the conduct of Dr Thambo Gina.

The Lubulini Member of Parliament(MP) seems to be thirsty, he wants to drink the blood of innocent civilians and we cannot allow such irresponsible statements to be disseminated in the public domain without condemnation.

One wonders if Dr Thambo Gina thinks a dialogue and a gun cannot be used against him, we have many citizens particularly senior police officers who had the same mentality but unfortunately, some of them are dead now.

This means Dr Thambo Gina must be very careful and remember that the eSwatini Nation is wounded and fresh from a political unrest, any responsible citizen will promote peace and stability through dialogue not violence.

Gina must remember that some of us, have major interests in this country, despite the fact that, we are descendants of the royal family, we don’t have any other country and therefore we cannot rejoice in the midst of political instability and violence.

Ours, as opposed to Dr Gina, is to see the institution of the Monarchy existing in a democratic country, where the people live in peace and harmony and with equal opportunities.

I once told a lunatic who accused me of being against the Monarchy that, I cannot be against myself, I am part of the Monarchy and the Monarchy is in my blood.

But despite that, I am opposed to the way this country is governed or ruled we cannot have about 70% of the population living below the poverty line and keep quiet, all emaSwati must enjoy equal opportunities, we need a government that will prioritize emaSwati not only the royal family.

We strongly believe that, one day all of us will agree that, our common interest is the country and work towards promoting unity,peace, stability and development through a dialogue.

In conclusion,let me warn and remind the former Minister that, there’s no winner in a war,while a winner rejoices,the loser might be planning another attack.

Therefore, any responsible and sober citizen must always promote peace, a gun is used to kill not to resolve conflict.

It shouldn’t be easy for any public figure to mention the word “gun”.

King Mswati was the most frustrated person during the recent political unrest, frustration and anger was written all over his face every-time he addressed the public,I don’t think he wants another unrest.

Thambo Gina must please the King by creating jobs, developing ideas to enhance economic growth while promoting peace and stability not to promote violence against other emaSwati with different political views.

OPINION:So former Economic Planning Minister Dr Thambo Gina is trying to please King Mswati by inciting violence against pro-democracy activists inside Sibaya?.
Dr Thambo Gina-Lubulini MP.