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OPINION:Mswati was supposed to re-deploy former Prime Minister Cleopas Dlamini to protect his dignity before announcing Russell Dlamini as the new PM.

Thursday, 9th November, 2023

Mswati literally embarrassed former Prime Minister Cleopas Dlamini by appointing Russell Mmiso Dlamini while the ex-PM was sitting a few metres next to the King. 

After being announced as the new PM, Russell Dlamini walked with a smile on his face passed the former PM who was obviously disappointed.

Clearly, Cleopas had hopes that, he might be appointed again and sources in the administration of Parliament did highlighted to me that, a few hours before the closing of Sibaya, the former PM was requesting Curriculum Virtues(CVs) for the new Members of Parliament(MPs) preparing to form a Cabinet.

It’s important for the King to understand that,while loyalists of the institution of the Monarchy might be prepared to protect and defend his dignity,he must also demonstrate respect for his loyal and trusted servants.

Government Spokesperson Alpheous Nxumalo tried to do damage control by appealing to members of the public and private companies to remove the portraits of the former PM with respect and dignity,Nxumalo was within his duties to manage public perception and protect the reputation of Government but the truth is; Cleopas Dlamini was embarrassed by Mswati.

Perhaps,the King did this unaware and if that’s the case,then the question would be,where are the advisors and why did the King concluded his speech without acknowledging the former Prime Minister who rendered his services to the country and the Monarchy?.

The public humiliated Cleopas Dlamini on social media by circulating his portrait in a dustbin because the appointing authority failed to protect his dignity, the Prime Minister is one of the highest positions in the land and as expected, the removal of Cleopas and subsequent appointment of Russell Mmiso Dlamini attracted public interest.

Mswati must stop behaving as if he is the only important human being in this country or perhaps on earth,he must respect the dignity of other people if he wants to be respected.

The King did the same to the late former Ludzidzini Governor Jim Gama who fell sick and was neglected by royalty until the then Swazi Observer editor Thulani Tfwala wrote an article questioning why Mbhokane was not taken to a South African hospital. 

Gama was then transported to hospital in South Africa after Tfwala’s article, all these instances does not portray the King as a good leader who puts his people including his loyalists first.

Mswati has a history of dumping people who served him with honesty,dignity and respect, some were dumped after their political enemies ‘gossiped’ about them before the King and this, is very unfortunate. 

I am aware of what was discussed by BatfwabeNkhosi during a secret meeting held before the announcement of the new Prime Minister, Cleopas Dlamini was one of the candidates but Mswati opted to humiliate him.

Perhaps,I will not delve much on the royal family internal power struggle and family politics because BatfwaBeNkhosi shared the information with me in confidence but, my main worry is the humiliation of Cleopas Dlamini.

The King must remember that he is not leading only the royal family but a country, people reacted by humiliating former PM Cleopas Dlamini because of the manner in which King Mswati handled the appointment.

The ex-PM was supposed to be afforded a dignified exist otherwise, serving the King will continue to lose dignity if loyalists are dumped as if they never existed after their term.

In conclusion,let me remind the King that,he is not the institution of the Monarchy but merely sitting on the Throne, we getting worried with his conduct.

What was discussed during the meeting for BatfwaBeNkhosi and the subsequent appointment of Russell Dlamini suggests that,Mswati is weak if he “fails” to handle petty squabbles between BantfwabeNkhosi and change decisions overnight.

The Prime Minister must be elected by the people through a democratic process and all Executive powers be surrendered to a democratically elected government.

It cannot be in the public interest that, the appointment of a whole Head of Government could be decided by BantfwaBeNkhosi “Endlini kaGogo” and capitalists.

OPINION:Mswati was supposed to re-deploy former Prime Minister Cleopas Dlamini to protect his dignity before announcing Russell Dlamini as the new PM.
King Mswati.