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OPINION:Judge Sipho Nkosi must be reinstated after looming Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala’s impeachment.

Friday, 1st December, 2023

Judge Sipho Nkosi,as he then was,complained about interference in his judicial duties and subsequently,he was impeached merely for refusing to take orders from the corrupt Chief Justice(CJ) Bheki Maphalala.

The persecution of the highly educated Honorable Judge,exposed the breakdown in the administration of justice under the leadership of CJ Maphalala whose corrupt tendency has undermined the integrity of the courts.

But the alleged corrupt Chief Justice is not only bullying Judges, even Israel Magagula, the Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions(DPP) complained about interference after the CJ tried to stop him from prosecuting convicted Motor Vehicle thief Mfankhona ‘Kakona’ Dlamini.

The alleged interference by the CJ in the independence of Judges and other institutions of the State with intend to push a corrupt agenda, is a matter of serious concern particularly because, the judiciary is a very critical and sensitive institution whose integrity should be beyond reproach.

It is clear that, the judiciary is headed by a corrupt ‘mafia’ but least, the information I received from the Palace suggests that something is being done to remove the Chief Justice.

After the looming impeachment of the CJ Judge Sipho Nkosi must be re-appointed as a Judge,after all,he was never fired by King Mswati but,Maphalala colluded with Attorney General(AG) Sifiso Khumalo and misled the King to approve the dismissal of the Honorable Judge.

Chief Justice Maphalala has been struggling to meet the King amid efforts to remove him and he opted to collude with the AG who is close to the King and used him as a conduit to crucify the innocent Judge Sipho Nkosi by misleading Mswati.

The corrupt relationship between the Chief Justice and the Attorney General(AG) has destroyed the justice system in this country,some Judges and Magistrates are bullied and threatened if they refuse to take orders.

It should be noted that,the judicial corrupt syndicate has been doing all this,knowing that, we will focus on Mswati and blame him for everything.

It’s time we expose even the corrupt individuals who abuses King’s powers knowing that, victims will not have access to the King to verify certain orders.

Judge Sipho Nkosi was fired merely for being independent,he granted murder convict Sipho Shongwe bail and the Chief Justice was very angry and manipulated the court processes to ensure that Shongwe remain behind bars, thereafter, he ‘fired’ the Judge.

It is very unfortunate to note that, Judge Nkosi was fired merely for being a fair Judge and no one defended him,not even the Law Society of Swaziland(LSS) and civil society groups.

Judges who are persecuted for being fair must be defended by both the media and other stakeholders amid the ongoing judicial dictatorship marred by allegations of corruption under the leadership of Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala.

The CJ has personalized the operations of the courts such that, even when he is outside the country, the Registrar of the High Court sends him copies of the cases so he can browse through before allocating them to Judges.

It is important to state that,in the public interest,we need an explanation why Judge Nkosi was fired?,I will not blame the King on this one, Mswati was misled and made to sign the dismissal notice.

But the King must learn to verify information before taking decisions, he was supposed to summon Judge Sipho Nkosi to hear his side of the story before signing the dismissal notice, otherwise he will continue to shoulder the blame if he acts as a rubber stamp for the corrupt Chief Justice.

OPINION:Judge Sipho Nkosi must be reinstated after looming Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala’s impeachment.
Judge Sipho Nkosi.