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OPINION:Cabinet must approve and release monies to buy drugs in hospitals instead of press statements,we are not Bo-Popayi “Sofia the First”.

Saturday, 2nd December, 2023

When Prime Minister(PM) Russell Mmiso Dlamini released a press statement, promising to address the health crisis,I remembered the “Sofia the First” series that is watched by our daughters, the PM is actually reducing our thinking capacity to Bo-Popayi.

The press statement released by the PM is actually a piece of writing with a lot of nothing,in creative writing, we call it “a fragment of imagination” where the author visits the world of creativity and return with theories,properly designed to mislead and be believed by unsuspecting minds.

I am equating the Prime Minister’s press statement on the health crisis to “Sofia the First” series because it doesn’t address the problem.

It’s intention, in my view, is to capture our minds so that we can positively look-up to Hospital Hill as if something will be done to address the shortage of drugs in public hospitals.

Pretty little girls who watched “Sofia the First” series(Bopopayi)” knows that, the script is ‘addictive’, Cabinet wants us to be addicted to press statements while innocent patients continue to die amid shortage of drugs.

We need practical action and a press statement that will inform the Nation that,drugs have been delivered and the looters are behind bars.

What is preventing Cabinet from officially declaring the situation in public hospitals as a crisis and then appeal for local and international support to address it?.

In as much as,we are eager to see the culprits behind bars,the main priority now is the purchasing and delivery of drugs and the establishment of systems that will ensure proper monitoring of the medication.

The health crisis is a very sensitive issue but seemingly, this government is determined to manipulate it for a poltical mileage, addressing the health crisis will not sanitize the failure of this Government because,after all, this crisis came as a result of uncontrolled looting.

The PM is busy releasing press statements while patients are dying in public hospitals, what is important here is the delivery of drugs.

In conclusion,let me share a brief story of a man who once made a call to the State owned radio during a program where the then Deputy Prime Minister(DPM) Themba Nhlanganiso Masuku,who had delayed to release funds for Orphans and Vulnerable Children(OVCs) was doing exactly what Russell Mmiso Dlamini is doing.

Headteachers were complaining that there was no money amid the delay and schools were struggling to function,the DPM told teachers and the Nation on radio that “akuhlalwe phansi kukhulunyiswane”.

It’s over fifteen(15) years but I remember the words of the man who preferred not to reveal his identity when calling the State owned radio to express his view on the subject matter, he said;

“Mine ngiyamangala kutsi kuhlalwa phansi kuhlalwani ngoba lana kudzingeka imali, yimali leledzingekako.Lana kudzingeka imali hhayi kuhlala phansi”.

In light of the aforementioned,it is worth noting that the Prime Minister is just playing politics with press statements;

”Lana kudzingeka imitsi etibhedlela hhayi ema-press statements”.

OPINION:Cabinet must approve and release monies to buy drugs in hospitals instead of press statements,we are not Bo-Popayi “Sofia the First”.
Prime Minister Russell Mmiso Dlamini.