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Appointing only Dlamini’s as Prime Ministers amounts to political discrimination.

Friday, 14th August, 2020

The tendency by King Mswati to appoint only Dlamini’s into the position of Prime Minister does not only promotes royal supremacy but an act of political discrimination that undermines the intelligence of other citizens.

Perhaps, the me hasten to state that the royal supremacy where a Prime Minister is accountable is slowly manifesting into scramble for power as per earlier reports from this publication, the King’s health remain questionable, it’s been months since he disappeared from public eye hence more political syndicates are emerging to capture the PM and control the affairs of government. 

The country wouldn’t be in such a mess if the PM was democratically elected and accountable to the people but now, he receives orders through various people who claims to have spoken to the King, this has manifested into political confusion.

It is very unfortunate that even the State controlled and or captured media has endorsed this act of political discrimination that deprive other highly capable citizens an opportunity to serve the country, merely because the lack of a “royal blood in your body automatically disqualifies you from being appointed into that office of significant trust”. 

Indeed, royal supremacy in this country has proven to be worse than apartheid in that it creates a political environment where only those with royal blood are regarded as intelligent, other citizens considered useless with no ability to think. 

Royal supremacy promotes corruption, political syndication and further centralize power and resources to few individuals linked to the King, ordinary citizens, out of desperation for a better life are forced to undergo kubutseka to try and establish links with royalty.

But what remains a major concern about this royal supremacy is that it elevates a bunch of low-minded individuals whose minds were castrated into higher positions. These low-minded individuals are then commanded to use their political power to suppress or destroy anyone who demonstrate qualities of intelligence, the ultimate goal is have a group of fools in charge of government and or Cabinet  and these individuals are expected to take orders from the King without questioning or expressing their views. 

Now that the King is reported to be in and out of Manzana royal hospital, perhaps issuing some of the orders to Cabinet while in his hospital bed, we are yet to see more political tensions, those with links to the few individuals who gain entry to Manzana will bully citizens and influence unsuspecting politicians in the name of the King to push their political interests.

But King Mswati must blame himself for this, he uttered an outright lie when appointing  Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini saying he received an instruction from the ‘angels’ that Mandvulo was the perfect candidate for the position and as the country continues to sink deeper into a social and economic crisis, anyone who can remind the King the sentiments he attributed at Sibaya can be charged with sedition or treason. 

As to why the King always strive to use the highly regarded name of God every-time he stages a ‘political comedy’ within that Sibaya where he imposes the royal supremacy to the unsuspecting citizens, nobody knows.

It is very unfortunate that whenever the King keeps the Nation in suspense during gatherings meant to appoint a PM, it seems non-Dlaminis, regardless of their qualifications, skills and intelligence have accepted that they will never serve this country in that position, this is actually an act of political discrimination that should be stopped through a democratic process. 

Now, we have one of the most politically ignorant Prime Minister, it’s clear that the low-minded former Swazi MTN CEO is controlled through a remote by Attorney General Sifiso Khumalo whose syndicate seems to have collaborated with the JC to run this government. 

It worth mentioning that the attack on independent journalism by the government is driven by fear that critical journalism might open the eyes of the people and influence the public to start questioning the legitimacy of this government.

But one of the reasons it is slowly becoming difficult to take King Mswati seriously is that he gives power to anyone who comes with money and a convincing business proposal that might sustain his lavish lifestyle. 

As a result, Mandvulo’s positions as the then Chairman of the Eswatini Revenue Authority (SRA) and MTN CEO with an added advantage of being the grandchild of the late Prince Malunge might have mislead the King that he was capable of being an PM. Perhaps after receiving dividends from Eswatini MTN and the money grabbed from the people through SRA, this manifested into political excitement for the King, he subsequently lied to the Nation saying Mandvulo’s appointment was endorsed by God through ‘angels’ that appeared to him in vision.

Now Mandvulo has proven to be low minded and politically ignorant and this, has made it easier for the AG and his syndicate to capture him, the King should take the blame not only for consistently appointing Dlaminis but for lying, saying he communicated with Heavens when appointing the PM. 

The politics of this country has reached an interesting stage as even King’s enemies with no direct access to him are now running this country by connecting through the Attorney General. 

This means, the political ignorance of Mandvulo made it easier for political syndicates to influence the King and decisions in the corridors of power through the AG who now controls the PM in a systematic and professional manner claiming to be providing ‘legal advice’.  

It should be noted that even though one of the fundamental duties of the Attorney General is to provide legal advice to Cabinet including the Prime Minister, Sifiso Khumalo is slowly proving to be a major problem in this country and he seems to have discovered the weakness of the PM and that of the King.

Indeed, his powers suggests that Sifiso Khumalo is a ‘Deputy King’ with influence over all the three arms of government including the media as he acts as a board member of the Swazi Observer, no politician, judicial officer or Prince enjoy such powers in this country. The AG influence decisions in Parliament and Cabinet where he provides legal advice, he has all the powers to instruct the National Commissioner William Dlamini to arrest anyone who oppose him in all the arms of government. He provides legal representation to Chiefs and no politician in this country enjoys such powers both in the powerful traditional structures and all the three arms of government including the media.

The question on why the King handed over this country to a ‘small boy’ by appointing him into such a sensitive position, might be a topic for another day. However, the objective behind this article is to highlight that it serves no purpose to centralize power within the royal supremacy as now, a whole Prime Minister who lack political experience was appointment and subsequently captured by political syndicates. This then creates an environment where different factions fight for power and resources and government will never act in the interest of the people. 

In light of the aforementioned, it is paramount importance to state that, the political mess currently manifesting in this country should be a lesson that political intelligence being one of the major requirements for the office of Prime Minister cannot be centered around royal supremacy. 






Appointing only Dlamini’s as Prime Ministers amounts to political discrimination.
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