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Sibahle Chairman’s wife detained, police grabs political documents

Tuesday, 26th November, 2019

MAFUTSENI: Sive Siyinqaba Chairman Musa Nkambule’s wife  Zama Nkambule was in the early hours of today detained by the police at Mafutseni, as the investigation into a conspiracy to oust King Mswati and influence regime change intensify.

These latest developments comes after the police raided the Sibahle Chairman’s home and subsequently confiscated a laptop, gun and political documents belonging to the royal political party. This Swaziland News reported yesterday that the Chairman was in hiding after police intensify moves to arrest him regarding a statement he made on behalf of his political organization which was critical of the Monarchy.

Swazi Police Spokesperson Superintendent Phindile Vilakati confirmed the matter, however, she said both Musa Nkambule and his wife were assisting the police in an on-going investigation which she declined to divulge. 

Nkambule and his wife are assisting us with our work,” she said. 

When asked further questions on why the police raided Nkambule’s home and confiscated some documents belonging to Sive Siyinqaba, the Police Spokesperson said at stage of the investigation,she can’t divulge more information. 

 “I can’t divulge much information on our work at this stage,” she added.

Speaking to this Swaziland News, Zama Nkambule, the wife to the Sibahle Chairman said when she wake up today, she found police vehicles parked in her family yard with a battalion of officers.

“They said they were looking for my husband in relation to his political statement he made on an online platform. They produced a search warrant and subsequently seized his gun, laptop and political documents belonging to ‘Sibahle Sinje’  she said  

The Chairman’s wife said the officers took her to the police station where she was questioned regarding the whereabouts of her husband and detained for an hour.

“They said they had been sent by the State to take my husband to the police station. I am not happy at all because I got injured when the police tried to grab the house keys on Sunday.The conduct of the police is a clear indication that freedom of speech is not allowed in the country. Many Swazis are not happy with the way this country is governed and they have expressed that, sadly my husband had become the target.” she said. 

Reached for comment Sive Siyinqaba Chairman Musa Nkambule confirmed that his wife was detained by the police, he told this Swaziland News that he was still in hiding. 

“I have received information that my wife was detained at the Mafutseni Police Station. Sibahle Sinje documents like our manifesto, Constitution and my gun are some of the key things that were seized by the police. I am still consulting on the next move, however, the truth will not change that we have a leadership crisis in the country” said the Chairman.  

Sibahle Chairman’s wife detained, police grabs political documents
Sive Siyinqaba Chairman Musa Nkambule