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King’s links with corrupt African leaders undermines his integrity

Thursday, 28th November, 2019

It is well documented that our King is associated with some of the world’s most corrupt leaders and this, undermines his integrity. 

The King’s associated with evil people that this world could offer because he knew that whatever he wanted done would be done without anybody saying anything to the contrary. There was once a crook by the name of Rethenam Shanmuga, who had teamed up with Anil Salgaocar, to mine Iron ore dumps at Ngwenya. The King had asked for $10M loan for personal use less than six months after company had started operating in 2012, he later refused to pay back the loan. Remember the aircraft (Mcdonnel Douglas DC- 9). This plane was sold to the King for $11.5M in 2010, you can get more from Indian Express publication. Eventually government had to pay $3.5M to get the plane released from Ontario hangar in May 2018. All of this time Swazis were told plane was a gift. 

Then came another American by the name of Jacob Arabo, a corrupt businessman who had served time in prison. He was given a licence for Lufafa Gold Mine by King but the deal went sour. Then there was the Equatorial Guinea connection where the son of the President came to Swaziland as guest to the King. He brought with him many US dollars and a pretty little thief taught him a thing or two. The son is now the Vice president but is facing court cases in France touching on money laundering and related crimes. As if this was not enough, our King teamed up with the President of Equatorial Guinea who has amassed a lot of wealth from the country’s oil reserves yet his country’s nationals are poor. The International Monitory Fund (IMF) is trying to teach him a lesson or two regarding transparency when it comes to utilization of resources for the common good. This country (Equatorial Guinea) is too opaque for anything but now it needs a loan from IMF yet the President and his son are wealthy. As if that was not bad enough, the King teamed up with Jacob Zuma (former RSA president). This guy did a lot of political damage as well as economic damage to the people of South Africa with the help of the ANC. Jacob is now facing court battles because of his conduct in office. Swaziland is now linked with Muammar Gaddafi’s billions. The biggest worry and trouble for Swazis is why are these evil hearted guys drawn to the King. Is our King an evil person? Why doesn’t the King surrender his life to God Almighty who will cleanse him of all the evil in him? Remember all we want, as a people, is the right to vote, the right to vote for our representatives, the right to form political parties that will contest political power, the power to legislate and appropriate resources. A referendum is a matter of survival for the Swazi people. We can’t live like black South Africans prior to 1990. Why is the King and his family discriminating us? What is our sin? If he loves us why doesn’t he do the right thing?

King’s links with corrupt African leaders undermines his integrity
Equitorial Guinea President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo