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King must stop bullying Princess Sikhanyiso’s boyfriend

Saturday, 19th September, 2020

Princess Sikhanyiso is an adult with freedom to follow her heart hence the reports suggesting that her boyfriend is now living in fear of security agents after King Mswati demanded answers about the soldier who impregnated her daughter are very disturbing.
It should be noted that our advocacy for freedom does not only focus on the general members of the public but we want even royalty to be free from their own oppression because the fact that they need more escorts to move from one place to another suggests that they are afraid of the oppressed hence they are not free.
Princess Sikhanyiso previously fell in love with Mzwakhe Phiri, a basket-ball player and we reported that the King interfered with that relationship in that he allegedly sent soldiers with a truck from Correctional Services to evict Phiri from Sikhanyiso’s flats at Fonteyn in Mbabane, the basket-ball player was dumped at his parental home at Hhohho.
At the time, Phiri was being assisted by his Chief, seeking donations from his community members in a form of cattle to be presented to the King to ask for the Princess’ hand in marriage as per Swazi Law and Custom, but because he was not rich, the King sent his soldiers to kick him out and the relationship was forcefully terminated.
Now with reports emerging that meetings are being held within royalty as per the King’s command to deal with the soldier who allegedly impregnated the Princess and that he must be fired from the army is not only an act of injustice to the innocent man who fell in love with the Princess but this will deprive the child his right to be raised by both parents.
One wonders what is really wrong with King Mswati, he has been forcefully marrying other people’s daughters, forcing young girls to drop out of school now he doesn’t want his own daughters to fall in love with other Swati men merely because he wants to force them to marry foreigners in exchange for money.
Clearly, the love of money has made King Mswati to develop a desire of selling his own children to rich foreigners, depriving them their right to follow their hearts and be happy in their own relationships.
If we can put politics aside and address the issue objectively, perhaps we can understand that the soldier and the Princess committed no crime, love is a natural feeling with no boundaries, the rich can fall in love with the poor as long as both parties are happy.
That the soldier and the Princess are both Dlaminis is a matter that cannot be questioned or addressed by the King because he is also the prime suspect on this, three of his many wives are from the Dlamini clan and that was a precedent that might take years to erase.
The King should understand that freedom starts at home and as a father he ought to understand the rights of children to grow in a happy family managed by both parents not to mention the right for daughters to choose their lovers without any interference.
The role of a parent, in this regard, is to advise and where that particular daughter decides to follow her heart, that relationship should be blessed and supported by both families.
As mentioned, when we advocate for freedom it’s not only about the general members of the public who are currently oppressed by one family, but we want even members of the royal family to enjoy that freedom in a democratic society where people are treated with human dignity.
The King should stop subjecting soldiers or anyone who fell in love with his children to injustice, even the reports by the captured media suggesting that royal guards commit suicides when we know what happened to them are disturbing.
We don’t want a political bully in this country who thinks he can kill anyone without being held accountable, one day a democratic government will throw him behind bars for the alleged massive human rights violations.
It is very disturbing to note that while the country is in an economic crisis in the midst of the COVID-19, some influential members of the royalty family are focusing on Princess Sikhanyiso’s relationship, she is an adult who deserves to be happy in her private life. We need to criticize her and demand accountability on issues of public administration and abuse of State resources and her private life can be scrutinized in the event the conduct is linked to her public duties.
In conclusion, let me warn the King to refrain from interfering with her daughters’ relationship and must respect the right to life, the Princess never reported any rape and that means she agreed to have sex with the soldier and a child was born as a result, that should be respected.
The entire royal family is not clean on issues of having sex with soldiers but now a young man is living in fear merely because a Princess fell in love with him and subsequently fell pregnant, royalty must address the social, political and economic issues affecting this country and the people and leave Sikhanyiso’s bedroom.
We don’t want to read false stories in the captured State media that the Princess’ boyfriend committed suicide and the King should not create a room for his critics to speculate that he is also having interest in his own daughters hence he chases away everyman that comes close to them. LOVE is natural feeling that should be encouraged and respected by everyone.





King must stop bullying Princess Sikhanyiso’s boyfriend
Princess Sikhanyiso and her boyfriend