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When MPs rise above Tinkhundla’s ‘individual merit’ political ceiling.

Sunday, 20th September, 2020

One of the fundamental duties and functions of Parliament is to oversee and promote adherence to the values of human dignity without disregarding its role to demand accountability of public resources from the Executive Arm of Government.

Indeed, it is very encouraging to see some Members of Parliament (MPs) rising above the Tinkhundla system’s political ceiling of ‘individual merit’ by speaking in one voice against the social and economic injustice perpetrated by Cabinet whose fundamental objective is to make sure that the over 700 000 people sink deeper into poverty.

Perhaps, let me clarify that the ‘individual merit’ that this government strives to portray as its unique democratic principle in the eyes of the international community was actually designed to promote oppression and turn Parliament into a rubber stamp by discouraging MPs from coming together to discuss issues of public interest through lobbying. 

It is indeed enigmatic how in the first place, a political system that discourages unity and or freedom of association could parade itself as democratic when on the other hand, vocal MPs are intimidated with fabricated criminal charges. 

For these reasons, Cabinet tried to dismantle the unity among MPs by targeting Hosea MP Mduduzi ‘Bacede’ Mabuza with fabricated criminal charges, because his political muscle of uniting MPs to speak in one voice on issues of public interest is now making it difficult for Cabinet to manipulate public resources and push the interests of royal linked capitalists like Finance Minister Neal Rijkernberg.

When Mduduzi ‘Magawugawu’ Simelane made submissions in Parliament regarding the decision by the Finance Minister to ban ‘Dubai’ cars older than seven (7) years, his political confidence and well researched sentiments brought hope that this country might be having a vibrant Parliament that truly represents the people. We know the powers of Parliament are limited under this oppressive political system, but at least MPs should appreciate the presence of the independent media that will publish their submissions uncensored so that people can know what is happening in this country.

Even though MP ‘Bacede’ Mabuza was arrested for allegedly moving a motion to suspend the politically motivated Prevention of Organized Crime Act (POCA) that was used to target dagga farmers but the people are now well informed with facts on what was manifesting in the corridors of power regarding this matter because Parliament and the independent media played their role. 

The current Cabinet consists of highly corrupt capitalists linked to dangerous syndicates hence it must be monitored both by Parliament and the independent media from its head to the toe, any slight mistake, we might find ourselves without a country. 

One would make an example about the dagga issue, it does not only impact the cannabis farmers but the whole country because once these royal capitalists acquire the license, people will be evicted from their land to be used for farming and it’s the duty of the media and Parliament to protect the Nation from these political vultures. 

The political future of any MP who speaks for the people will always be bright because they will remain relevant even in multi-party democracy and win elections, power belongs to the people. 

As the generation of old people who were blinded by royalty into believing that this oppressive system is democratic continue to fade away, this country will soon adopt multi-party democracy and MPs are currently in the right position to demonstrate to the people whether they can be trusted with public power or not in the future.

The first step for the MPs is to understand the power of unity and that the ‘individual merit’ Tinkhundla political principle was designed to divide them so that Cabinet could have a ‘drive through’ by implementing oppressive policies without being questioned by Parliament.

Finance Minister Neal Rijikernberg is a corrupt capitalist with a clear record of workers’ rights violation in his own companies hence he can never have the interest of the people in his political decisions, his interest in the banning of ‘Dubai’ cars should be investigated and exposed.

In light of the aforementioned, perhaps, it is important to advise Parliament that a public office is not about them but the people, the Nation has been dumped by those in power and Parliament to which they have a direct representation remains their last hope. 

As mentioned, MPs who will speak for the people regardless of persecution will remain relevant and win elections because with the presence of the independent media, the people are beginning to be enlightened with what is happening in the corridors of power, after years of political blindness perpetrated by the captured media.




When MPs rise above Tinkhundla’s ‘individual merit’ political ceiling.
Hosea MP Mduduzi Mabuza