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New Clerk to Parliament: JC cabal finally seizes control of all three arms of government.

Friday, 16th October, 2020

The appointment of former Health Minister Benedict Xaba as Clerk to Parliament, subsequent to the removal of Ndvuna Dlamini this week was one of few final nails that seek to strengthen the State capture by the now powerful religious cabal, the Jesus Calls Worship Centre(JCWC).
Perhaps, let me state that before the removal of the Clerk to Parliament, this Swaziland News was investigating a plot by the JC to remove three powerful figures in the country namely Peter Mamba, the Chairman of the Civil Service Commission(CSC), Makhosi Simelane, the Chief Immigration Officer and Ndvuna Dlamini, the recently re-deployed Clerk to Parliament.
The initial plan by the JC cabal headed by Prime Minister Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini was to firstly influence the removal and re-deployment of Peter Mamba who by virtue of being the Chairman of the CSC had powers to transfer Ndvuna and re-deploy the Clerk to Parliament but has been refusing to do so saying he wanted to consult the King first. As the political tide manifests, Mamba found himself bowing to the pressure, he had two options to either get fired or save his job as CSC Chairman and approve the removal of Ndvuna as the JC had successfully convinced the King that he must be removed.
Even though Ndvuna Dlamini has been removed as Clerk to Parliament, the Nation should know that this man has been trying to protect taxpayers money and the abuse of State resources by exposing corruption involving Senate President Lindiwe Dlamini, however, he failed to understand that this JC powerful cabal operates with “an injury to one is an injury to all”, this is one of the well organized political syndicates in the history of the country, you touch one of them, you are in big trouble.
Ndvuna was removed by Jabulile Mashwama and Senate President, these are JC powerful members of the Parliamentary Services Board(PSB) and with the former Clerk to Parliament threatening to approach the courts seeking for justice, he will land in the hands of another JC member Justice Minister Pholile Dlamini Shakantu, it will be a mountain to climb for him to win this battle, the State capture that we have been warning the Nation about is now in action.
For better understanding, it’s worth mentioning that Benedict Xaba as the Board Chairman of the Water Services might have agreed to be a ‘rubber stamp’ for CEO Jabulile Mashwama and the religious cabal, for him to be trusted with the duties of being a JC 'deployee' in Parliament.
Ndvuna thought the King would be on his side when he exposed the Senate President on corruption, not knowing that King Mswati is the source of corruption in this country, Lindiwe being a former Public Works Minister approved many tenders for the benefit of the King and it would be easier for her to twist the Head of State by just saying "they are actually targeting you Your Majesty not me" just to make the King angry against the PAC and Ndvuna. Politicians should refrain from trusting King Mswati that he can protect them once the JC strikes, he is just a 'vulnerable' puppet whose decisions are twisted through lies from those close to him.
The King is now completely surrounded by JC political vultures who know how twist his mind so they can get what they want and appealing to him is slowly becoming useless until these political cabal is dismantled.
Now, the appointment of Benedict Xaba means that Parliament, just like the other arms of government is now fully controlled by the JC, a Clerk to Parliament is a Controling Officer who decides what should be discussed by the House on that particular day through the Order Paper, he work with the Presiding Officer.
This means the Constitutional right of the people to be represented in Parliament is now under threat because issues to be debated by the House will have to go through the JC cabal and in the event they threaten their interests, Benedict Xaba might surely sabotage those motions.
We might now see a Parliament that was beginning to be vocal on issues of public interest being reversed into a ‘rubber stamp’ approving Bills that seek to give Cabinet powers to borrow money from international financial institutions to be looted by the JC. We must now expect the sabotage of MPs who might intend to register motions that threaten the interests of the powerful religious cabal.
One can now safety mention that on Thursday, the religious syndicate completed their plan to seize control of this country by removing Ndvuna Dlamini, anyone who might try to challenge them now, should be very strong, they are now deeply rooted in the army through Prince Sihlangusemphi and Sisula Dlamini, the husband of Senate President Lindiwe Dlamini who heads the Intelligence Unit in the Military, the Judiciary through Justice Minister Pholile Shakantu, Parliament through Jabulile Mashwama in the PSB, Senate President Lindiwe Dlamini who will now control the affairs of the House through Clerk to Parliament Benedict Xaba.
Indeed with Prime Minister Ambrose Dlamini heading the Executive arm of Government as Minister in charge of the police, with Prince Sihlangusemphi and Sisula Dlamini in charge of the army, it means even State Security institutions are now controlled by the JC and anyone who oppose this cabal might be thrown behind bars.
The now powerful religious cabal is also deeply rooted in the private sector, CEOs and senior Managers who are not members of that church should be worried, the JC syndicate 'means business'.
It should be understood that the removal of Ndvuna Dlamini is not just a mere re-deployment , to some of us who have been following this matter closely behind the scenes, the various attempts to seek an audience with the King where the cabal asked for the ‘head’ of then Clerk to Parliament until the King approved his removal.
The JC syndicate is united, even if the King can try to ignore them, they will come back in various groups, seek an audience with him while speaking in one voice until they achieve their goal, that’s the JC connection.
Even those who might attempt to seek an audience with the King, they will have to go through the JC cabal as King’s Private Secretary Sihle Dlamini will know what they intend to discuss with the King.
It’s a pity that when we exposed the State capture, there were those in the corridors of power who thought it only existed on paper, now as it manifests, no one is safe. Instead of appealing to the courts or the King, Ndvuna should seek an audience and appeal to Bishop Robert Kasaro or his wife Princess Lindiwe if he still wants to be relevant, he might even be fired in his new position and be investigated by the police on fabricated charges, the State security institutions are now fully controlled by the JC. We have two Zambian 'Guptas' in this country namely Bishop Kasaro and Michello Shakantu, even the courts are solely becoming useless because as this religious cabal loots resources, they will gain more financial power to bribe anyone including Judges, one of the objectives of State capture is to accumulate wealth through corrupt means and later hold the Nation hostage by influencing decisions.
In conclusion, let me warn all citizens that this country is going to the donga, those who think it’s about Ndvuna Dlamini will learn the hard way the meaning of State capture, the JC cabal has landed!!!
New Clerk to Parliament: JC cabal finally seizes control of all three arms of government.
Clerk to Parliament Benedict Xaba